A Gardener's Home in Argentina Boasts Flowing Green Spaces

A Gardener's Home in Argentina Boasts Flowing Green Spaces

A continuous garden terrace connects each floor of this sustainable urban infill project in San Isidro.

The client, who owned a plot of land in the dense municipality of San Isidro, Argentina, wanted a house that could support their love of gardening while also impacting the site as little as possible. Buenos Aires-based BAM! Arquitectura began with the premise that the house's presence on the lot should not "waste any square meters of soil." 

The resulting MeMo House, made of reinforced concrete, features garden space on all three levels and connects them all through an undulating "system of green ramps," thus creating a garden terrace that flows from floor to floor. 

A "green ramp" connects three levels and has integrated steps.

The entry provides a glimpse of the front garden.

A floating staircase offers views into the back garden.

Copious glazing at the core of the home brings light inside all the rooms, as well as views of the abundant greenery. The ground floor hosts the open living spaces, which connect to gardens at both the front and back, the latter of which includes a pool and fire pit. Bedrooms are on the upper levels.

Looking back towards the front door, the kitchen is to the left.

The ground level features bright, open living spaces.

The back garden has a fire pit and pool area.

The first floor bedroom overlooks rooftop gardens.

The gardens also factor into the project's sustainability efforts. The architects write, "In order to provide an ideal indoor environment, our design is based on having the same amount of natural light in all the areas of the house, cross and controlled ventilation, and constant open views to the garden, which provides a better thermal comfort." 

The home was built to LEED standards, including efficient wastewater technologies, high insulation and windows with DVH-type glass, rainwater collection for garden irrigation, and solar panels for energy supply, heating, and cooling. The gardens are largely populated with native plants, requiring less water expenditure, and the homeowner also grows her own vegetables. 

Project Credits:

Architecture: BAM! Arquitectura 

Landscape Design: Ignacio Fleurquin


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