Historic Gasworks Cottage With a Modern Cor-Ten Steel Addition Hits the Market

Historic Gasworks Cottage With a Modern Cor-Ten Steel Addition Hits the Market

Overlooking the English countryside in the Cotswolds village of Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire, this historic property marries a stone gasworks from the 19th century with a new light-filled extension.

Now being offered for £1,495,000 (about $1.97 million), this intriguing home underwent a modern renovation in 2015 by celebrated British firm Chris Dyson Architects, which included adding a Cor-Ten steel extension to an original stone gasworks cottage. The new design pays homage to the site's agricultural and industrial past with a two-story cylindrical tower that references the shape of a gas storage cylinder, as well as the barns that are typically found in the region.

You'll find the full listing at The Modern House.

Corrugated sheets of weathered steel form the walls and roof of the extension, while the two-story tower is clad in smooth, curved panels. The rusty material contrasts beautifully with the home's verdant surroundings. 

The extension is clad in Cor-Ten steel as a reference to the region's industrial and agricultural heritage. 

The home is arranged around a central courtyard, which creates a smooth connection between the extension and the stone gasworks. 

The original structure includes a living room that features high ceilings with beautiful wood panels and angled skylights. It sits adjacent to a kitchen with a breakfast room on one side, and a formal dining area on the other, which can also be used as a library.

The kitchen is located in the old stone gasworks and features a vaulted ceiling and bespoke, painted cabinets.

The extension includes four bedrooms, all of which have en suite bathrooms.

The master bedroom suite boasts a large picture window with far-reaching rural views.

 The master bedroom suite also includes a spacious dressing room that leads to the en suite bath.

Chris Dyson is one of London’s most noted architects, particularly for bringing a modern perspective to historic buildings. 


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