A Family Villa in Budapest With Colorful, 1960s-Inspired Interiors

A Family Villa in Budapest With Colorful, 1960s-Inspired Interiors

Built at the turn of the 19th century, this villa in Budapest has been remodeled with bold and colorful, pop art-inspired interiors.

Designed by Hungarian studio POSITION Collective, this 2,099-square-foot, two-story villa on Rezeda Street in the Pest area of Budapest is home to a family of four. 

Within, herringbone wood floors, geometric details on the ceilings, quirky lighting, furniture with interesting textures and colors, and framed artwork and photography come together to create a jaw-dropping contemporary home. 

The villa includes a garden terrace and balconies that look out to 180-degree views of the cityscape, along with ancient trees on the slope of Gellért Hill. 

Much of the villa's exterior was left as is, but its high-ceilinged interiors were completely renovated. 

The original floor plan consisted of multiple separate rooms. POSITION Collective reconfigured the layout and transformed the upper level into an open-plan space where one functional zone flows into the next. 

The lower level of the villa is allocated entirely to the parents, which includes a bedroom, bathroom, and private living area. 

The living lounge, dining area, kitchen, and children's room are located on the upper level. 

The living lounge and dining area is sited on the side of the villa that faces the balcony. 

Here, multiple large windows look out to panoramic views of the urban areas of Pest. The windows also bring plenty of sunlight into this part of the home. 

Next to the living lounge is a gray storage wall unit with built-in shelves for books on one side, and storage cubbies on the opposite side. 

Near the dining area, a wooden console rests against the wall storage unit, while a kitchen sink and built-in oven sits on the opposite side, facing the kitchen. 

When selecting the furniture, POSITION Collective chose eclectic pieces with 1960s-inspired, geometric forms.

Modern art and stylish black-and-white photographs are lined up along the walls, giving the villa a gallery-like feel. 

The villa's clean, white walls and ceilings and light-colored wooden floors serve as the perfect backdrop for the sharp lines and vivid colors of the furniture, lighting, and art.   


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