8 Tiny Home Companies to Know Along the East Coast

8 Tiny Home Companies to Know Along the East Coast

By Kate Reggev
These innovative tiny home builders offer beautiful, efficient dwellings up and down the East Coast.

From Maine to Florida, tiny home companies are springing up along the East Coast, providing wallet-friendly, design-forward houses that are 500 square feet or less. We've rounded up eight of our favorite firms below.

1. Sanctuary Tiny Homes of Orlando, FL

Sanctuary Tiny Homes builds beautiful, eco-friendly tiny homes, which are all customizable. They have two main models—Tiny Marta and Tiny Lucy, which begin at $55,000—but they also create custom tiny homes for clients. Additionally, they offer tiny home shells starting at $17,000, which are perfect for those looking for a DIY project. One-on-one design and construction consultations are also available.

Minim Micro Homes seeks to create modern tiny homes that can be constructed either on wheels for mobility or with foundations for stationary homes. The offer their award-winning model, the Minim House, which encompasses 264 square feet. Despite its small size, it feels surprisingly bright and airy, thanks to its large windows and glass doors. Although they only make this one model, the home comes with several customizable options, and clients can choose electric/water packages for locations without utilities.

Established more than 30 years ago, Free Range Tiny Homes offers completed models of tiny homes and offices for sale. Their 325-square-foot Skyline home won Best of Show at the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival, and their homes typically are either 16' long or 24' long.

With over 20 years of design and build experience, Craft & Spout is a family business which crafts customizable tiny homes that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Common applications for these homes include: pool houses, home offices, clubhouses, accessory structures, guest quarters, she sheds, man caves, and more.

AL Tiny Homes is a tiny home company that serves the Southeast United States. With more than 20 years in design and construction, the company has five tiny home models available starting at $48,000. While the homes can be customizable as requested, they are typically built on trailer-based foundations for easy transport. The company handles everything from design to construction, including framing, roofing, siding, plumbing, and electrical.

Located just outside of Atlanta, Mustard Seed Tiny Homes is a premium tiny house builder that bridges affordability with high-end finishes and quality materials. Although they take pride in their quality models, they also offer custom trailers at different stages of completion for the DIY-ers. More so, they have partnered with a local nonprofit that serves the elderly, disabled, and families in need throughout Atlanta, as well as a nonprofit in Cape Town, South Africa, that employs local men to build new homes in their township.

Based in the town of Windham, Tiny Homes of Maine designs and builds custom tiny homes, along with any other mobile structure. Like many other tiny home companies, they offer both turnkey homes and ones that are partially completed for the owners to finish fleshing out. Their homes are typically 18 to 24 feet long with a square footage of about 260 square feet, which includes a sleeping loft. They also offer several longer options, and can even help find clients land to purchase or rent in Maine.

With 60 years of combined experience in the worlds of residential and commercial construction, I Can Build It (ICBI) and their partner company, Container Homes of Maryland, complete a range of tiny home projects as well as larger residences. Their homes often feature custom work, including carpentry and kitchen/bath design. The homes can be built on wheels or a foundation, and are carefully designed for comfortable living. The company has even been featured on "Tiny House Nation."


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