8 Things You Must Look for in a Built-in Wine Refrigerator
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8 Things You Must Look for in a Built-in Wine Refrigerator

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By David Webb / Published by David Webb

A good built-in wine refrigerator is an asset for any serious wine collector. Designed to store wine at a chilled temperature, these coolers are a wonderful addition to any bar area or kitchen.

 To keep your wine in the best condition by buying the most suitable wine refrigerator, here are some aspects which you must not neglect while making the purchase. 

The design is an important aspect of having any new additions either within the room or in the entire home. 

Prefab Homes especially require a futuristic design and aesthetics to design and include built-in wine refrigerators in a manner that they do not take much room and still look elegant and fulfill the requirement. 

1. Price 

The price is an important factor while selecting the most suitable built-in wine cooler. If you go for a budget friendly refrigerator, you will definitely have more bucks left with you to spend on wine. Spend wisely, and you can enjoy both the efficiency of the cooler and the taste of the wine. 

2. Interior of the Refrigerator 

The aluminum interior is one of the most appropriate choices since aluminum is a good conductor of cold as well as heat. The plastic interior might be cheaper but that won’t let you maintain a steady temperature for a very long period of time.

 Some wine refrigerators have a pebbled and textured lining for the interior of the door which is a feature added in order to maintain the humidity at the proper level. 

 3. Bottle Capacity 

When it is the question of storing your wine, you must think on a long term basis. So, when you make up your mind to purchase a wine cooler, it would be good to select one that can hold twice the number of wine bottles which you currently have. 

4. Shelves of the Refrigerator 

Standard models come with chrome wire shelves that are usually fixed. But if you can spend a little more, opt for those which have stronger wooden grids or tracks. In some models, the racks are in the form of metal beams with the peripheries made of wood. 

You may also go for an under the counter cooler which has roll-out shelves. With this, removal of the wine bottles and going through the bottle labels becomes comparatively easier. 

5. Vibration 

Wine coolers which are accompanied by compressors tend to vibrate, especially when they are switched on and off. This vibration is not at all good for your wine collection because it can lead to considerable amount of damage. 

So, you must be cautious enough to select models that come with shock mounts. This lowers the impact of vibration to a great extent.

 Also, you can look for shelves that are coated, because this allows you to have a better control over the collection of bottles. 

6. Door of the cooler 

It is important to choose the door carefully and go for a tinted one because that would serve a double purpose. 

On one hand, it would allow you to properly go through the wine collection and identify each label, and on the other hand, it will provide a good amount of protection to the wines from the harmful effects of UV rays. 

7. Alarms and locks

 Built-in wine coolers that come with high-end features often include an alarm system that does the job of notifying you whenever you have not closed the door properly. 

Moreover, a lock is also available in many cases in order to keep the wine collection secure. 

8. Lighting 

Top notch wine coolers are fitted with LED lighting in the interior. The lighting usually involves a soft tone and there is not much heat production. 

As you open the door, the lighting sets a mood and also allows you to see the bottles properly.

 Usually, it turns off automatically when you close the door, thereby making sure that excessive heat is not generated in a particular spot.There are a number of top manufacturers selling built-in wine refrigerators at reasonable rates. 


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