8 Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017

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By Saida Ayupova / Published by Arcbazar.com
2017 is promising to be an exciting year. From automation to new lighting solutions to an ever-increasing focus on functionality, check out what's in store for kitchen designs.

2017 is just around the corner. As you decorate your Christmas tree and make a mental note of all the things you want to achieve in the upcoming year, take a break, make yourself a cup of tea and check out what's in store for kitchen designs. 

#1. Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets

The trend of tuxedo - or two-toned painted cabinets - has taken home owners by storm in 2016. Gone are the days of perfectly matching cabinetry. There is no sign of the trend slowing down in 2017. Whether in contrasting or in complementing colors, tuxedo-painted kitchens are a protest against monotony. An alternative to two-toned cabinets is open or glassed-in upper cabinets and darker painted lower cabinets.

#2. Bold Fixtures

Another way to add some contrast to your kitchen in 2017 is to switch out your old fixtures for something bold and contrasting. Whether it's black steel or commercial grade fixtures, home owners will stop trying to blend them in the overall decor.

#3. Focus on the Functionality

Whether displayed in the form of hidden appliances, furniture arrangement for maximum efficiency, touch-activated faucets or upgraded easy-close cabinets' doors - 2017 will be about removing any physical and aesthetic barriers. Kitchen storage space will keep on expanding, while the number of cabinet doors reducing or remaining the same. Smart tech and connected devices, which are becoming increasingly affordable, will automate and facilitate mundane processes.   

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Competition: Kitchen & Laundry Room Remodel, Florida

Competition: Kitchen & Laundry Room Remodel, Florida

#4. Bringing Nature Inside

Fresh floral arrangements, leafy plants and mini inside gardens will add a touch of nature and warmth to kitchen designs in 2017. This trend is a representation of an increasingly popular movement to lead health-conscious, sustainable and organic lives. 

#5. Merging of Kitchen & Living Spaces

Strict boundaries between spaces are on the way out. A kitchen is becoming a natural extension of the living space and vice versa. As kitchens are becoming more connected to the rest of the house, its functionality is evolving as well. It is no longer a space exclusively for cooking, but for entertaining, working and eating. 

#6. Grey is the New Black (or Kitchen-White)

Pristine white colors in the kitchen will be increasingly substituted for neutral greys, creating the effect of understated elegance and simplicity. Steel appliances will feel more integrated, while pops of color - whether achieved through mosaic tiles or creative items of decor - will break down the monotony of grey furniture.

Competition: Kitchen Remodel, Georgia

Competition: Kitchen Remodel, Georgia

#7. Mix & Match

When it comes to materials, mixing stone, wood, steel, polished concrete and marble is one of the hottest trends for 2017. Brass and copper will add variety to metallic items. Marble countertops will be balanced out by wooden chairs. There will be very few rules on which materials to limit your kitchen design to. 

#8. Farmhouse-Inspired Decor

On the one hand, we will see the rise of sleek, contemporary designs. On the other, an increasing number of home owners will want to add a more cosy, farmhouse vibe to their kitchens. This will be showcased through muted colors, wooden materials, lighting, wall art and rustic items of decor.

Competition: Woodlands Remodel, Texas

Competition: Woodlands Remodel, Texas

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