8 Bathroom Storage Hacks You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

8 Bathroom Storage Hacks You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

By Michele Koh Morollo
If you're designing or remodeling your bathroom, check out these out-of-the-box storage ideas your friends will want to copy.

Most commonly, bathroom storage comes in the form of boxy, built-in cabinetry under the vanity. While this does the trick, we're all for exploring new, inventive options. Below, we round up eight storage solutions to consider for your own sanctuary. 


An idea that works well for outdoor showers or Zen-style bathrooms with wooden bathtubs, ladders—such as the Nomad Shelf System from Skagerak—don't scream "I'm storage," and can be used as a toiletry shelf or towel rack.

Portable salon trolleys under a vanity are a cool and unusual choice for bathroom storage. As an added bonus, you can always move it to different areas of your bathroom to suit changing needs.

If you have a bathroom with tight corners, follow Omer Arbel Office Inc.'s lead and make good use of tricky nooks to showcase beautiful joinery, like they did for this angular home in a Canadian hayfield.

Smooth, handleless joinery are a classic, but nonetheless creative, way to make storage systems beautifully discreet while providing ample room. 

When architects Silvia Ullmayer and Allan Sylvester worked with joiner Roger Hynam to reinvent an apartment for metalworker Simone ten Hompel, they created a covered space in the bathroom to conceal the front loader washing machine.

If you don’t want to have cabinetry installed, or built-in shelves on your bathroom walls, one good idea is to create recessed walls for storage. This will help conserve floor space, and you can even create a recessed wall in corners.

This home in Melbourne by design duo Kathryn Robson and Susie Cohen has deep nook shelves at one end of the wardrobe, which gives the bathroom a warm, natural, and organic feel.

For guest bathrooms, where only minimal storage systems are needed, go light and vertical with a modular, floor-mounted Autopole shelf system with a mirror, soap dish, hand towels, and a tray hang by Alu to free up floor space.


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