Designed for the homeless and displaced, InterShelter domes are frameless structures made of high-tech aerospace composite material, providing strength and durability while allowing the structures to be easily disassembled and relocated. The materials for these domes can fit in the back of a truck, and are easily assembled in under four hours by two people. Once assembled, the structures are watertight, hurricane proof, and earthquake proof. They can even be combined into multi-structures, providing almost limitless possibilities as to size and design.  Photo 6 of 10 in 8 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Kit Homes
Shelter-Kit provides a range of structures, including cabins, barns, garages, and workshops. The New Hampshire-based company produces custom kits in a range of styles and sizes, and 85% of their kits are assembled by clients with no previous building experience. New small homes or second units are customized to meet the needs of individual customers, who can browse the company’s website to view floor plans, images, and final product ideas. Customers can even send over a draft floor plan of their own design.  Photo 8 of 10 in 8 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Kit Homes
The owners of Bungalow in a Box, a small company based in Maine, use a unique combination of materials and methods for each customized structure. Relying on traditional framing techniques, the company prefabricates and ships unfinished timber for studios, bungalows, and other structures in various sizes, leaving the customer to add interior finishes and adapt the home to suit their needs.  Photo 7 of 10 in 8 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Kit Homes
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