The family’s country estate is the oldest home in Farum and sits on the outskirts of the town. Before the Asmussons bought the house, it was owned by an elderly woman with a passion for plastic bags, who called her home ‘Posehuset,’ or bag house. Today, although the name remains the same, the studio is host to a diverse range of artistic activities and music productions.  Photo 7 of 9 in 8 Barn Houses For Modern Living from Danish Farmhouse Turned Contemporary Art Studio

8 Barn Houses For Modern Living

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Lone and Søren Asmusson moved into Posehuset Studio, their country estate outside of Copenhagen, only a few years ago, intending to use the space as a home-cum-art studio. Before long, however, their artistic endeavours expanded beyond the dedicated music studio and artist workrooms inside their home and began encroaching upon their living space. The couple turned to the barn adjacent to their farmhouse, and with the help of the VELUX Group in Denmark, remodeled the existing building into a multi-purpose artists’ workspace.