7 Smart Tips to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic and Intimate

7 Smart Tips to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic and Intimate

By David Webb / Published by David Webb

When couples are in love, it does show everywhere! But the bedroom is perhaps the place where it is expressed the most. In fact, the gift of love is cultivated and celebrated in the bedroom, so you must make every effort to ensure that you create a perfect ambiance for celebrating love. Here are some vital tips to get you and your partner in the romantic mood in that special part of your home.

1. Make use of decorations to revive memories

Make your bedroom a special place for you and your partner by framing and displaying photos of special moments, say your first date together, wedding or honeymoon. These photos will be a reminder of your blossoming love and how it has grown over a period of time. 

2. Choose soothing colors for your bedroom

The color scheme for the bedroom is of immense significance because colors can really help in building an emotional connection. Use colors which are soothing to your eyes, and which are preferred by both you and your partner. Do not fall a prey to the latest trends but go for something that suits both you and your love. Your main goal should be to create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy, so it does not matter whether you are following the latest trends or not.

3. Bid adieu to clutter

The presence of clutter is a very big hindrance to love since it increases mental stress and prevents couples from getting into the romantic mood. Every house has its own set of clutter; say coupons, newsletters, bills, cardboard boxes and more. If you want romance in the bedroom, this clutter must move out of the bedroom. You may completely do away with unnecessary items and store the rest in closets in the living room or some other place. Once you have a de-cluttered bedroom, it will keep both partners mentally less burdened.

4. Buy candles and burn them frequently

As a couple, you must remember that candles are not only meant for keeping on shelves or tables. Light candles often and experience the subtle aroma and soft lighting. This will create a wonderfully romantic ambiance and will ignite the fire of love and intimacy. When you use aphrodisiacs like New Spanish Fly Pro in such kind of intimate atmosphere, it can work wonders for your personal life! 

 5. Spray refreshing scents over linens and clothing

Scents do attract and bring couples closer. Moreover, when everything from bed sheets to clothes smells fresh and emits a soothing fragrance, the lovers obviously become less stressed out. Also, use of soothing body sprays can work wonders in bringing you together.

6. Say no to the television

Do not let the television enter your bedroom and interfere in your love life. Spending more and more time in front of the television, indeed affects physical closeness with your partner, as your attention is somewhere else. Couples must remember that being in bed together in the most personal time that they can dedicate to each other. Without the television in the bedroom, you can indeed connect with your spouse both physically and mentally without any distractions.

7. Turn on some romantic music

Music has some heavenly charm that can really reduce stress and set up the mood for romance. It has a wonderful effect on the spirit and enlivens the soul, which is very important when you wish to become intimate with your partner. You may use simple iPod speakers or a complete stereo set, but make sure to incorporate some soothing music. 

Go for a collection of soft rock, classical or standards, and it would be great if you can include songs with which you both have some special memories associated.     


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