7 Kitchen Technologies to Watch
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7 Kitchen Technologies to Watch

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By Allie Weiss
Presented by KitchenAid
Smart details in recent KitchenAid products point to how appliances are becoming increasingly efficient and intelligent. Here, we walk you through eight technologies designed to make preparing, cooking, storing, and cleaning easier.

KitchenAid refrigerators feature a temperature-controlled drawer with five preset settings specialized for vegetables, meat, drinks, and more. 

Under-shelf LED lighting improves visibility. The refrigerator is equipped with systems that manage humidity and airflow to keep food fresh and control odors.Add a caption

The dishwasher also includes nine wash arms and a maintenance-free, stainless steel water filter that assures even, thorough cleaning.

In addition to the standard two levels of storage, the dishwasher has a third rack for odd-shaped items like cooking tools.

With convection technology, KitchenAid ovens are designed to create an even cooking temperature throughout. To avoid any number crunching, the ovens will convert standard cooking times into convection times.

The racks are carefully designed with SatinGlide™ technology for smooth motion.

The KitchenAid cooktop features a precise Torch Burner flame that makes it easy to adjust heat levels, from a small flame for simmering to a larger flame designed to distribute heat evenly. The surface is also coated in a finish that makes it a quick clean.

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