9 Living Room Design Trends We Are Excited About In 2017
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9 Living Room Design Trends We Are Excited About In 2017

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By Arcbazar.com and Saida Ayupova / Published by Arcbazar.com
Blonde wood and copper are out. So, what's in store for 2017?

2016 was an exciting year in terms of interior design trends. Two-tone kitchen cabinets, formal dining rooms, significant increase in smart home tech adoption, farmhouse entryways - these are just a few of the trends we loved in 2016. 

2017 promises to be just as inventive and versatile in interior design, so today we'd like to share which trends we are most looking forward to with this article focusing on the living room space.

1. Forest green colors are in

"Escapism" is a trend that has emerged recently and will continue on in 2017. It refers to our increased need to turn our home into a space where we can relax, unwind, and, most importantly, disconnect from the technology that often times seems to be running our lives. As a result, we will see an upward trend in living room spaces using brighter tones of green as an accent color - be it in items of furniture or wall paint. The color is both joyful and it creates a more nature-inspired feel in a space.

2. Darker furniture

This trend will balance out the brighter wall color choices by home owners. Lighter shades of wood - prevalent in 2016 - are out.  Darker shades of brown and grey will be used in furniture items, wooden floors and cabinets.

3. Mixed patterns

This is a trend that was wildly popular in 2016 and we are happy to see that it's not going anywhere in 2017. Giving living spaces more character, breaking down the monotony and creating a more cozy feel, mixed patterns are here to stay. If you are not 100% confident in your ability to mix and match patterns, our advice is to start with a base texture and color and gradually add pieces of different patterns in a similar texture. Try to keep it simple as it is easy to get carried away and turn your space into a visual chaos.

4. A shift towards minimalism

As our lives become increasingly connected and filled with information, we will be increasingly looking to declutter our living spaces. Elegance, simplicity of lines and functionality are starting to play a defining role in home designs. Due to our busy schedules we are looking to create a space that's easy to maintain, in addition to being comfortable. 

5. From mass-produced to artisanal pieces

Another trend that carries over from 2016 is the rise in artisanal items, be it furniture or elements of decor. We are looking to expand our design outside of mass-produced objects and surround ourselves with unique, carefully crafted items. The trend of not settling down for what can be found at a regular store is not a new one. For the last few years we've seen DIY and Pinterest skyrocket in popularity as home owners tried to either adapt existing pieces or build them from scratch. However, we are now moving away from these DIY trends towards more refined, curated, high-quality artisanal items. 

6. Higher awareness of eco-friendly materials

Sustainable living is factor that's gaining weight in the decision making process of households. From solar energy generators to purchasing more energy-efficient appliances to consuming organic food to selecting furniture and decor items made from non-toxic materials - we are increasingly incorporating more sustainable, eco-friendly elements to our daily lives and surroundings.

7. Separation of spaces

If the size allows to, home owners will increasingly look to separate their living room space from the rest of the house/apartment. Each room has its own functionality: a kitchen is for cooking and eating, a bedroom is for recharging, a living room is for resting. This once again goes back to our need to simplify and organize our living space to counter balance our hectic (and at times chaotic) lives.

8. Retro-inspired items of furniture

While retro style as a whole is not at the top of our list of favorite interior design styles, we love the trend of adding a couple of retro-inspired pieces in your living room design. It gives a certain whimsy to the decor, not to mention the fact that we are big fans of the idea of mixing and matching different design styles in one space. Whether showcased in a furniture piece, a clock or a coffee table, the 60's and 70's design aesthetic will get a modern twist and add creativity and a hint of nostalgia to a living space. 

9. Unconventional lighting

Lighting is no longer a purely functional element. The trend of using quirky lights to add character to a room is on the rise. You will notice it in ceiling fixtures, floor and bedside/desk lamps. It's an opportunity to be innovative, original and playful. 

What trends are you most excited about? Share with us in the comments below.

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