6 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

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By Simon
In most modern homes, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. It’s not only a functional area for preparing and eating meals, but also a place for socialising and relaxing. However, inevitably with such frequent use it can look tired and worn much quicker than other rooms in your home.

While the ideal scenario would be to embark on a full kitchen renovation, this can be a costly and disruptive solution. But there are plenty of other ways you can give your kitchen a brand new feel without having to spend a small fortune – and here’s how. 

A New Worktop 

In most kitchens, the worktop is an area used daily and inevitably will get scratched, scuffed or dented over time. However, a very effective way to breathe new life into your kitchen without a complete refit is to simply replace the worktops. Choosing hardwearing worktops made from quality materials such as quartz or granite will not only give a timeless, elegant look and feel to your kitchen. Purchase them from Mister Marble and they will also prove to be a good long term investment as it will last for a lifetime. 

Light Up Your Kitchen 

Another fantastic way to give your kitchen a makeover is to update the light fixtures. Swapping old light fittings for new ones can not only make a noticeable difference aesthetically, but can also create different lighting effects in the room. While flush fittings with multiple spots can be great for task lighting, opting for chic pendant lights can give a wonderful focal point over dining room tables and breakfast bars. Also why not consider worktop lights that are not only practical for food prep areas, but can also be very effective mood lighting when entertaining.

 Update Your Hardware

 If your kitchen units are still in good condition, then an easy way to give them a new look is to update the handles and knobs on drawers and cabinets. It might not seem like the most dramatic change, but new hardware can have a subtle effect on the look and feel of a kitchen. Be sure to choose designs that are functional and will still go with the rest of your kitchen though, and keep track of the cost per piece as the cost of buying multiple handles can soon add up. 

Accessorise Your Worktops 

Every kitchen will have some form of accessories on the worktops, whether it is tea and coffee containers, utensil pots or spice racks. Therefore an easy and highly effective way of creating a new style that’s also pretty affordable is to invest in some new, matching accessories for housing your kitchen essentials. 

Repaint Your Cabinets 

An expensive part of a kitchen re-fit is often the units, particularly if you have a large area to remodel. However, a cheaper and easier alternative is to repaint the existing ones, providing they aren’t falling to pieces. Special paints can be used in a variety of colours to give your kitchen cabinets a truly new look and the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour. 

New Appliances 

Finally, what kitchen won’t look brand spanking new with modern, luxury appliances? If you have some spare cash to splash, then investing in a new cooker, fridge or dishwasher can make all the difference to how your kitchen looks and feels. It will also potentially save you money on energy bills in the long run, as they’re usually more energy efficient. 

 Not all kitchen makeovers have to be a huge expense, and this hopefully proves that sometimes just updating, swapping or adding one or two elements within your kitchen can still make it feel brand new.