Living Room, Sofa, Pendant Lighting, Ceiling Lighting, Table Lighting, Console Tables, End Tables, Coffee Tables, Lamps, Rug Floor, and Light Hardwood Floor Interior designer Merrill Lyons plays with her son in the Brooklyn home she renovated with her husband, Charles Brill, a lighting designer and cofounder of New York–based company Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW). The couple’s design sensibility is marked by a warm mix of historic periods and styles, punctuated with pieces by RBW, including the circular brass Cinema chandelier that hangs in the living room. The leather sofa and teak  credenza are vintage; the 1960s rosewood Genius armchair by Danish designer Illum Wikkelso was reupholstered with fabric sourced from an outlet.  Photo 5 of 9 in 6 Main Tips to Consider When Designing Your Home For a Growing Family from Modern Becomes Eclectic in This Renovated Brooklyn Townhouse