5 Top Tips for Building a New Home

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By Simon
Taking on the challenge building your own home is a fun and exciting time. It is also stressful at times, but leaves you with a great sense of achievement.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get your new build underway. 

1. Planning Permission:

Before you do anything, get planning permission. You need to know that the land you have bought is a suitable place to build your home (you may have bought the land with interim planning permission on it). Avoid disappointment and heartache and make it the first thing on your list. 

When you know that you can build your home in your desired location, you can start designing your new pad. 

2. Budget:

Building your own home can save you money but only if you have full control and organisation when it comes to your finances. You should closely monitor your expenditure and keep within your budget. 

You’ll need to take into consideration the money you spend on builders and contractors, architects, landscapers and the materials you’ll use. It is also a good idea to factor in the cost of waste disposal too when planning to build your home. The cost of skip hire can often be forgotten or under-estimated. 

3. Use An Architect:

Using an architect to design your house is an important aspect, they can help you put your ideas down on paper. .

They bring new and creative solutions to problems; they draw and design extremely detailed plans of your future home. You can see what you like and dislike and make the appropriate changes before its already built. 

As they can draw up detailed plans this means that the builders can work specifically to your plan with the build can be underway and progressing much quicker. 

Architects can also ensure that your new home conforms to and complies with building regulations, planning permission as well as be as green and environmentally friendly as possible, an important consideration in the modern-age. 

4. Don’t Forget The Landscaping:

Another thing to remember when building your home is taking into consideration the garden and outdoor space. 

This means putting as much detail into planning the outdoor space as you will your house. The outside space of your property is just as important as inside.

You may find that hiring a landscape designer to help you design your dream garden is a huge help. They can maximise the space that you have to work with, whilst meet your needs, wants and priorities. Like architects, a landscape designer brings creative ideas you may never have thought of which could bring the whole property together.

It will also help you save money as you won’t be overspending on materials, they will know exactly which products to purchase as you will want items and materials that will last, and look good. 

5. Only The Best Quality:

It is important to only accept the best quality work and materials.

Don’t start the build unless you are happy with the design of your new build. If you change your mind halfway through the build, it could result in additional expense.

There is a need to be flexible but this does not mean accepting second-best or settling for a certain solution.

Building your own home can mean rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the hard work yourself. In fact, for many people, this is part and parcel of creating their own great space.

Although professionals are a great resource, this doesn’t mean that their solutions are the only solutions. Save money where you can and always keep a ‘slush fund’ for those unexpected expenses.