5 simple ways to remodel your home

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By Awais Ahmed / Published by Awais Ahmed
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Who doesn’t crave a well-designed home? Nothing can be better than an optimal blend of aesthetics and comfort in a home. Imagine yourself entering a messy house with congested passages and grubby walls. How would you feel? Not pleasant, I guess.

Remodeling has gained in importance and popularity these days. Keeping in mind the pros attached to having an orderly and appealing home, the market is rich with interior designers, house renovators and contractors, Classic Home Remodeling being one of them. However,remodeling comes with costs. Major renovation does not require only financial, but also emotional stability at times. Here are five simple ways in which you can add aesthetic beauty to your home without incurring unreasonable costs. 

1. Create Open Space 

To make your home appealing to you and your visitors, create open space. This will also increase the value of your house. Open floor plans are in fashion, so why not make kitchen, living room, and dining room one common area? To make your house look more spacious and airy, get rid of furniture that takes up substantial amounts of space, or arrange it in a manner that gives most open space. Homes that work with the available space are most comfortable in all aspects. Consider wall alterations to add more space.  

2. Add Lighting 

 Bright lighting will add vivacity to your home. A brightly lit room seems more welcoming. The most common method to light your house up is with table lamps and floor lamps. Make your home cozier by adding lamps to dark corners. Market is full of innovative designs. Buy attractive lighting showpieces and get rid of outdated ceiling fixtures. You may install them yourself, but hiring an electrician is recommendable. Modernizing your home with dazzling lights is a cost-effective way to produce outstanding results.  

3. Walls 

Treat your walls immediately if they are cracking up or the paint is scraping away. A fresh layer of paint can revitalize your house. Follow a color theme and make your house look more vibrant. You can even use wallpapers -consider removable ones. They are easily available in the market, with amazing patterns and designs.  

4. Create An Outdoor Room 

Use your outdoor space creatively to make it look more captivating. An outdoor room can be quickly set up by adding outdoor chairs,outdoor end tables, cushions and some light. A small fire pit can be added also to enhance the coziness. It is totally up to your creativity how to design and use the outdoor room. 

5. Focus On Cabinetry 

Updating your cabinetry should be your priority. Old-fashioned and worn out handle pulls and knobs portray a negative image to your visitors. There is a variety of materials in the market for door handles and cabinetry. You can choose from bronze, stainless steel, copper and many more. Buy different styles which suit your room best. Vintage-style knobs and cabinetry can be installed to give the kitchen an eclectic look. Design choice depends on you.