5 Key Tips For Designing Your Own Dressing Room

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
Every woman has daydreamed about having a beautiful dressing room all her own at some point. It would be like a fantastic getaway where she can be alone with her thoughts and ultimately emerge looking her absolute best. Only the most glamorous of attire would be available on the many racks of immaculately fitting clothes.

Of course, getting to that point is no easy feat. There are a lot of elements that need to be thought over very carefully when it comes to optimizing the space required of a dressing room while also providing a relaxing and convenient experience when in use. With that in mind, you may want to consider the following before venturing into a dressing room project of your own:

The Lighting Is Key

 Everyone knows the experience of having to do makeup without decent lighting. Dimly lit surroundings can also put just as much of a damper on getting dressed well. If you want a flawless appearance from head to toe, you need adequate lighting that doesn't overly flatter or obscure anything in too much shadow.  

For the best lighting, you'll need: 

 • A dressing table situated near a natural source of light (i.e. a window). 

 • Spot lighting if no natural light is available to you. 

 • A mixture of additional light sources from all angles to eliminate shadows.  

Reduce Your Frustrations

It's best to keep things practical with this sort of endeavor. For instance, there are numerous styling tools such as hair dyers and curlers that will need ready access to electrical sockets. You should be able to sit in a prime spot in front of the dressing table while you use any such tools. There's no sense in ruining the experience by sitting in some random corner to do one aspect of your hair and then move to another for something else entirely.

So, make sure to do the following: 

• Situate your dressing table beside an existing socket. 

• Make sure the amount of sockets is plentiful so you can have all of your beautifying tools at the ready. Invest in safe surge protectors and drop cords if necessary. 

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Don't Forget The Atmosphere

Your personal dressing room should be a place where you feel at peace. You should also be able to accept yourself and your own body. As a sanctuary, you need to cater to a truly relaxing and calming atmosphere. So, make sure not to skimp out on the aesthetic value and comfort of the room itself. After all, this is your special space. Go all out and make it as lavish as you can.  

Here are some tips: 

• Find plenty of lush fabric and high quality cushions to furnish the room. 

• A light mirror such as these from Hollywood Mirrors can really look good.

• Consider utilizing soft color palettes 

Cut Down On Clutter 

d can ruin any room, and that's especially true of a dressing room. You need a free flowing space in order to truly feel serene. Too much mess can easily leave you feeling ill at ease and possibly even dirty. You should also utilize the space perfectly so that you have as much room to move freely as you can. 

Include the following: 

• Make expert use of your drawers inside the dressing table. Utilize special organizers or even make your own if you need to. You'll be able to keep up with everything and be able to get ready much faster this way as well! 

• Keep all your jewelry and other trinkets in designated areas. Avoid cluttering too many together. 

• Make sure your wardrobe can be fit into the space well without having to tuck it together too tightly. Fabric needs to breathe! • You might even consider utilizing storage boxes on stackable shelving units.  

The Last Flourish

Make sure to give your dressing some additional seating options. Examples include a chaise lounge for the special times when you happen to have a guest stop by. A nice boudoir bench can also work wonders.