4 interior storage hacks for your home office
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4 interior storage hacks for your home office

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By Lee
Working from home is a no-brainer.

You set your own dress code, and avoid all the distractions of an open-plan office. There's no commute either. There is one big downside though...

The impact on your home. 

No one wants to live in an office. Those piles of paper on the kitchen table and the ugly filing cabinet in the spare room don’t look great or help you switch off at the end of the day. They remind you that work is always there...

And it would be a total nightmare if any paperwork got into the wrong hands. Your "little angel" might be an angel but "mucky little fingers" all over your latest proposal or sketchbook are never a good thing. 

So here are four interior design hacks for keeping control of your paperwork and making your home office work for, and not against, you:

1. Find a dedicated space free from surfboards!

It doesn’t matter if you work from the corner of the kitchen, your spare room or under the stairs, one thing is vital: choose somewhere that isn't a thoroughfare or that's used for something else. The kitchen table may be more spacious but it might also be covered in crumbs and butter from breakfast.

2. Spruce up your storage or bring out the vintage

Banish boring metal filing cabinets from your life, except the gorgeous vintage ones with antique label holders for all the drawers of course. If you can’t quite afford the £1,950 price tag of the Conran shop’s Corian and Walnut Tallboy, stick with what you’ve got, but bring it back to life. 

Make it a thing of beauty: paint it, strip it back, transform it with transfers or wallpaper, fabric, or cover it with your favourite postcards, trinkets and stickers from your travels, your child’s first school painting or footprint. Whatever. It’ll bring a personal touch to it and brighten up your day when the deadlines are looming.

3. Go big, go digital or go remote! 

If you are limited for space on the ground, take to the walls instead. Consider installing extra wall-to-wall shelving or super-sizing your bookcase. 

If that's not an option, go digital and store as much paperwork as you can in the cloud. If you do need to keep paper copies of contracts, invoices, plans or designs for example, take them to a secure storage centre, where no toddler can get their sticky fingers on them!

4. Surround yourself in a sea of eclectic wood

If flimsy flat-pack furniture, made of cheap veneered plywood, isn’t your thing, but you still want that natural wood feel, investing in solid oak furniture might be the best option in the long run. 

Hell, why not bring in a few wooden crates, a carpenter's old trestle, an empty cask of ale or a battered hand-made ladder for that rustic feel? It can all be turned into shelving and storage.

With a little thought, you can create an office that works for you and looks like it's a natural part of your home.


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