5 ideas to light up your festive season

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By Lee
It’s that time of year again: a time for too many mince pies, pinning stockings to the end of your bed or the mantelpiece, finding the perfect gift and leaving goodies out for Santa and Rudolph.

It’s also a time for bringing out the same old tree and threadbare lights and decorations. But with just a little extra thought, and some creative lighting, you can quickly and easily add a little seasonal sparkle and rejuvenate your home this winter. 

1. Go outside and get bare 

A popular choice for many people looking to spruce things up at this time of year is to head straight for the tree. But if you’ve got a lot of opinions to balance in your house, and your choice gets pushed to the back of the queue, fear not, you can always leave! By which I mean, go outside and look to the walls, windows, door and roof. 

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If inflatable snowmen aren't your style, and you want something more understated, bare bulbs are a great way to invoke a seasonal atmosphere. Use them to highlight a prominent feature like the eves. If you're looking for something with a little more colour, use bunting-style lighting instead.

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2. Make the lights the feature

If you don’t fancy spending the afternoon untangling the fairy lights and wrapping them around the tree, drop them down in front of a window instead. 

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From the outside they’ll look beautiful, but inside, reflecting against the darkness of a winter night, this simple setup will bring the twinkling stars into your home.

3. A little lighting goes a long way 

Subtlety is a word not often associated with Christmas decorations, but incidental lighting proves the adage that less is more. Dangling or tucking small lights into bookcases and other neglected nooks and crannies instantly creates a Nordic feel to your Christmas.

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There’s no need to seek out expensive holders either, a vintage jar or vase will do. For a Dickensian feel, go for candles instead. Drop them inside over-sized jars or flat and wide zinc saucers.

4. Light up forgotten or neglected areas

You can’t light up every inch of your house inside and out. Well, you can but you’d either melt or burn it down. But that doesn’t mean you can’t light up areas that are usually left out.

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With darker evenings, accent lighting offers a wonderful opportunity to create a welcoming winter atmosphere. Weave lights into your banisters, around doorways or run them along the skirting of a hallway floor. Just make sure they’re securely fixed in place.

5. Create the right kind of atmosphere

If you’re not a fan of multi-coloured lighting, but blue lights feel too cold and unwelcoming, go for white or yellow but use them in a low-level way. From lamps and faux candles to uplights, whatever you choose to use, try placing them in corners or next to pieces of furniture and see what interesting shadows and shapes you can make.

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So, there we have it

You’ve created a wonderful look and feel for you and your family. Now all you have to do is find the stocking fillers for the kids, a Secret Santa gift for your friends or colleagues, and the perfect present for your lover!