5 Great Reasons To Install Water Features In Your Yard

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
Water in your garden provides all sorts of fantastic aesthetic and practical benefits.

 1. Water Injects Serenity Into The Yard

 Water running from traditional or outdoor wall fountains creates a calming sound thus making it a nice investment especially is you in the city with noisy surroundings. Install a fountain in your yard will have you looking forward to visiting the garden, which is your place for tranquility. The sounds will make you feel as though you are at the seaside, near mountain-side waterfalls, or a river. It is a water therapy that you can add in your home as without having to break the bank. You can enhance the therapeutic effects of the water fountain by adding flowers that have sweet scents and bloom at night. 

 2. Water Makes Your Garden Look Bigger

 You can use the reflective properties of water to make your yard look bigger. You can achieve this by using dark materials for your pond or fountain. A bit of underwater lighting during the night can help dilute the darkness; you can use different colored lights and install them to achieve various shapes. Solar powered eco-lights are a wise invest since they will charge during the day and give light to your garden and water features during the night. The combination of the lighting and the reflective properties of the water can create a setting in your yard that is therapeutic (relieves stress). 

 3. Water Cools The Garden

Running water always is a fun way to cool down during those hot summer days; it will make the garden a cool and pleasant place to relax. Water supports the grow of the aquatic and semi-aquatic life in your yard. And, the most beautiful thing about the water, be it still or running, can be seen after the rainfall. The rainbows the water creates in your garden will be a breathtaking sight.

The only way you can enjoy such beauty is by having crystal clear and clean water in your fountains and ponds. It also calls for routine maintenance to ensure the water stays that way. 

 4. Water Attracts Birds And Wildlife To Your Garden

Water supports life. You need water as much as other wildlife such as birds and small animals as well as insects. Such wildlife will frequent your garden because they know it is a source of drinking water. However, you need to liven up the garden will plenty of trees and bushes. The plant life will add to the overall effects that you desire to achieve with your water fountain or pond. The water features will not accomplish this on their own; the plants will help accessorize the garden.

Keep in mind that the maintenance of the accessorizing feature may need some extra effort and some of the small animals that find their way into your garden may harm some of the water plants. 

 5. Pond Plants Are Affordable

 Pond plants are natural decorations that can be used to enhance large water features and fountains. Water lilies and water lettuce are among the most common and affordable floating plants. Alternatively, you can opt to get a few plants for you water features from the sea. Head out to the beach and pick some seaweed and corals among other plants. Algae, a sea weed that's green or brown in color, is an excellent choice that can be enhanced by mixing it with the yellow or red sea algae. With the plants, you will have a water surface that is striking and an underwater color display at the base of your pond or fountain.

You will need to ensure you give the plants what they need to thrive. Adding some sugar, salts, and vitamins as well as ensuring they get adequate sunlight will ensure your pond retains that authentic natural beauty.