5 Factors That Should Be Considered For Office Space

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By Awais Ahmed / Published by Awais Ahmed
In this competitive world, you need to attain perfectionism in all aspects to outshine. Competition lies everywhere, even in business. To make your business surpass excellence, you have to take into account the slightest of matters that would potentially affect it. One of the component exert influence on performance of your business is its locality.

It affects your daily operations, staff morale and your reputation. Your office space is pivotal to your business’ success. Below are some of the factors listed that you must consider before selecting either a suitable office space for lease downtown Dallas or Georgetown.


Location should be at the top of your list. Not only for offices, but importance of location lies everywhere whether you are selecting space for your home or a factory. There are some important questions you should ask yourself in regard to location: 

Will your new office space be easily accessible to your potential clients? 

Is the new location easily reachable for your employees? 

Is the location safe? 

You need to make sure that office is in good neighborhood. You must also consider other amenities in regard to the locality. Are the restaurants or coffee shops nearby? These all questions must be satisfied positively to make your clients and employees happy.


Size of the office space varies according to the needs of the business. Make sure you provide the employees enough work as well personal space to work more comfortably, hence producing more productive results. Set up the size appropriately to create a spacious area. Dedicate different spaces to hold meetings with clients or employees. There must be enough space to create recreational areas for employees. Your ultimate motive should be client and employee satisfaction. Make sure that your office is not constrained in terms of area. 


One of the most important factors that must be considered. Spending should not be extreme, neither too low nor too high. Comparison of rates is essential. Compare the rates of similar options and then reach to a conclusion. Never choose the cheapest option immediately; there might be some concealed faults. You must consider the possibilities of hidden costs in form of maintenance or something else.

Legal requirements 

No one wants to get involved in unwanted legal ramifications. Make sure you consult a competent legal team before you make any commitments. Consultation must be your pre-requisite before signing the lease. Make sure the agreement is favorable to you in all aspects.

Infrastructure and style

A quite important point that must be studied in detail before choosing the office space. Infrastructure may include internet connections, postal services, telephone connections etc. One of these features might be important to a business depending on its nature. Quality and reliability of these services must be kept in mind. Along with the infrastructure, office style may also count a lot. Office can be an effective branding tool. You must enhance the style to improve the brand’s reputation. Make sure the costs of decorating your office are your mind.