5 Effective Tips To Get Away From Blocked Drains

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By Harry Caesar / Published by Harry Caesar
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5 Effective Tips To Get Away From Blocked Drains

Have you ever experienced a blocked toilet? If you are nodding your head and saying yes then you must know how messy the situation can be. Well, it is also annoying when you are about to use the toilet only to find that the toilet is blocked. We cannot depend every time on the plumber to solve the issue of blocked toilets as they are not available in emergency situations. Therefore, it is better to learn some tricks and tips to manage clogged drains and pipes in such emergency situations.

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There are many ways by which one can easily clean the toilets. One should learn them in order to avoid any future messy situations in the bathrooms. In this piece of article, we shall learn few easy tips using which we can fix blocked drains easily. 

Tips to have clean toilets with no blockage 

Let us have a look at some of the interesting yet easy methods to clean the blocked toilets at home and stay away from the mess. Check them out as follows. 

1. Toilet should not overflow: If you are experiencing an overflow in the toilet then it might be due to the flush tank. Check whether the flapper inside the tank is fixed appropriately and is working good when the flush trigger is pulled. Even a minor gap inside the tank can lead to an overflow situation in the toilet. When you notice that the water level is coming high, you need to stop it immediately.

 2. Plumber’s trick for clogging: The first thing a plumber does when he notices a clogged toilet is that he pours hot water into the toilet. You must ensure that you are not pouring boiling water or too hot water into the toilet as the hot water may damage the PVC pipe. 

3. Use a wire or a plunger: The metal wire of the hanger and the round plunger has always helped people in getting rid of clogged drains. If anything has got stuck inside the toilet bowl, it can come out with these tools. Round rubber cup plunger is easily available in the market which works as a great tool for declogging drains anywhere in the house. Also make sure that you use the plunger in the right manner by pushing in and then pulling out gently. 

 4. Mixtures do work: You can also use hot water along with dishwashing soap or liquid and pour it in the toilet right from the corners to the below. Leave the mixture for some time and then flush it off. There is another mixture which is used commonly in households; it is made from vinegar and baking soda. Both the contents in equal quantity are to be mixed and poured in hot water. This ultimate solution has to be dropped into the toilet bowl and left for some hours. The solution mixture triggers a chemical reaction that softens the blocking material. Once the blocking materials softens, you can flush the blockage down and get the drainage system back to function. 

5. Good habits: You need to explain all your family members to use the toilet in a good manner. For instance one must ensure that things like toilet papers, sanitary napkins, hairs and sachets, etc., should not be discarded through toilets as these materials may get stuck at the plumbing joints and block the smooth flow through the pipes. Also make sure to clean the toilet once or twice in a weak to stay away from germs and infections.