3 Ideas to Store Away for Your Next Home Storage Makeover
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3 Ideas to Store Away for Your Next Home Storage Makeover

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By Katie la Kapro / Published by Katie la Kapro
People like to say less is more, but that might be because they haven’t found a good storage solution yet.

The one problem that many people seem to face is space and the lack thereof. As people upgrade, downsize, and move to overpopulated areas, the struggle to find room to store belongings is more real than ever. No matter how many garage sales and Craigslist transactions you’ve gone through, your volume of positions never seems to diminish. 

 You could always rent out a storage unit, but that can be expensive in the long run, and you may prefer to have your items with you anyways. So what’s a cramped person supposed to do? The answer may be simpler than you think: home storage

 With minimalism and smaller housing sweeping the nation, the quest for creative storage has been sought like none other. Ready for more room in your life? Here are three ways to incorporate storage in your interior design. 

1. Conceal It 

Storage under the bed and floor hides clutter in the master bedroom.

Concealed storage can give your home a neat and organized look by storing your items in secret compartments. Most of this type of storage is multi-functional since shelving is usually incorporated into furniture. Chairs, tables, beds, stairs and even bathtubs can be modified with drawers and cubbies to give yourself more storage space without taking up any actual space. 

 Sometimes, the space being used by storage won’t be missed at all, like the space between your refrigerator and wall. We may not generally need or use that alcove, but a sliding spice rack fits perfectly. However, sometimes this storage needs the room, such as with floating shelves. 

 You can even improve the storage space you already have by adding drawer sliders for deeper shelving. If you’re feeling more on the secretive side, you can hide shelving behind picture frames or create drawers that utilize book spines to blend in with your bookcase. 

2. Focalize It 

The wooden box is as functional as it is finely crafted, with room for clothes up top. Each niche holds treasures from travels, family keepsakes, books, and more.

Maybe you don’t want to hide your storage. Maybe you want to be loud and proud about your organizing prowess and make it the focal point of your home’s design. Instead of concealing your home storage, turn it into art

 Purchase baskets or fabric bins that complement your home’s color scheme. If classic bins aren’t your thing, you can choose a more unique container to hold various items. The sky is truly the limit here. 

 If it can hold stuff, it can be used for storage. Suitcases, mason jars, buckets, ladders, and more can be used decoratively to suit your storage needs. Depending on what your style is, you can use different items to fit the interior design of your home. 

 Also, there’s nothing to be ashamed about having your belongings in plain view for everyone to see. Instead of hiding everything away in a drawer, artistically display your possessions to give your space more personality. If you use some items more than others, arrange them in a way that they can easily be used but are appealing to the eye. 

3. Accent It 


A wall version of the Folio, each powder-coated steel arm holds one magazine. $300

Perhaps you’re somewhere more in the middle. You don’t want to completely conceal your storage, but you don’t want to be blatant about it either. What you’re looking for are accent storage solutions, not statement pieces. 

 Although these tips are meant for the bedroom, you can implement them throughout your entire house. Pegboards, for example, are not only useful for hanging and organizing jewelry, but also car keys and other items that are easily lost. Upcycled spice racks can serve a similar purpose as well and store small handheld items. 

Hanging baskets are another option to consider, adding both style and function to any room. Lastly, don’t forget about corners. Although sometimes used for misbehaving children, this underutilized space is actually a great location for corner shelves. So the next time someone is sent to the corner, they’ll be able to see what a storage genius you are. 

 People like to say less is more, but that might be because they haven’t found a good storage solution yet. Concealing, focalizing, and accenting shelving space can make all the difference in your room-to-object ratio. By incorporating different kinds of storage into your interior design, you’ll not only have a stylish home, but also plenty of room to spare. 

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