12 Lovely Little Lofts

12 Lovely Little Lofts

By Byron Loker
Making the most of a little spare loft space can add a whole new dimension to your home. Here are a few creative examples.

This sleeping loft is fitted with mahogany rails.

This wooden box is as functional as it is finely crafted, with room for clothes up top. Each niche holds treasures from travels, family keepsakes, books, and more.

Hernandez and Surratt relax in their living room, which is enlivened by the house’s internal topography. A short flight of steps divides the interconnected areas and offers a place to sit. Above is a loft that can be converted into a bedroom.

The upstairs loft is an office-cum-craft room. Evidence of the family’s DIY nature is omnipresent. Hale built a planter box and art-supply cubbies with leftover plywood. The space is equipped with plumbing hookups in case—or more likely, when—the family chooses to convert the area into a third bedroom and bathroom.

Upstairs is a sleeping loft, accessible by a spiral staircase. A digital projector makes it possible for the couple to watch movies against the opposite wall.

Raising the bed above floor level, architect Kyu Sung Woo converted this tiny studio into an open and comfortable home for Wonbo Woo. 

"The kitchen didn’t really have a home," says Colkitt. His solution was to build a sleeping loft directly above it, giving the kitchen some architectural congruity, and implement recessed lighting into the dropped ceiling—also the underside of the floor of the sleeping loft. Like the reading loft, the sleeping loft is open on both sides to bring in light and air, with a single ladder leading up to it. "The sleeping loft ‘fold’ is a complement to the reading loft ‘fold’—they balance each other out," says Colkitt. 

Steel rods surround the staircase. A MayDay lamp by Konstanting Grcic for FLOS is affixed to the rope wall.

The auxiliary cabins contain the sleeping quarters. A ladder leads to a sleeping loft underneath a gabled ceiling. The cabin’s bathroom is situated beneath the loft and features clean white fittings and tile.

In this tiny sleeping loft is a platform bed with two drawers beneath it. In place of wallpaper, Schönning enlarged a photograph he snapped in Rio de Janeiro. The inset spotlights and a small shelf at the end of the bed offer light and additional storage. 

In New York City, Sarah Zames of General Assembly renovated a Greenwich Village loft originally constructed in 1868. "The client wanted to maximize the efficiency of the space," she says. Zames and her team completely overhauled the space to create a modern haven in bustling Manhattan.

With a built-in sofa and sleeping loft, ATLAS can accommodate three adult travelers.


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