102 Potted Olive Plants Cover the Facade of This Bangkok Home

102 Potted Olive Plants Cover the Facade of This Bangkok Home

By Michele Koh Morollo
The first thing that catches the eye when one passes the Flower Cage House in Bangkok is a gridded-steel framework with a facade that showcases 102 potted plants.

The owners of the 10-year-old house wanted to renovate and expand the 2,580-square-foot home to accommodate new family members. They turned to Bangkok-based architecture firm Anonym Studio to get the job done. They built upwards to create a larger two-story house with almost 3,300 square feet of usable internal space.

In what was previously the main living area on the ground floor, the architects demolished an existing wall and introduced steel-framed, glazed panels instead. This was done in order to bring in more light and connect the indoor spaces with the outdoors. 

In the garage, an old pole structure was removed to free up space. 

The interiors at the back of the house were extended to enlarge the living, kitchen, and dining areas, which are visually connected to the outdoor garden with full-height windows.

A multipurpose area was built above the original garage on the second floor. 

A free-floating iron staircase leads from the garage on the ground level up to this multipurpose area. 

Underneath the stairs is a fishpond, which lends a sense of tranquility to the experience of walking up and down the stairs. The master bedroom, another living lounge, a dressing room, and a bathroom are located on the second level above the living and dining area at the back of the house.

The reinforced steel structure that wraps around the front of the house gives the architecture a lightness and transparency that distinguishes it from other buildings on the same street. 

The language of space and freedom that the architects brought to the house is expressed beautifully by the olive plants that thrive in their individual frames. 

Project Credits: 

-Architecture and landscape design: Anonym Studio 

-Builder/general contractor: BLS Company 

-Structural engineer: Weravut Tudthong 

-Civil engineer: Thirachat Chandrangarm  


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