Inspired by a mix of influences, including Stanley Kubrick films, James Turrell light installations, and Marfa, Texas, the pair believe in applying a unique vision to each of their works. “I don’t want to create a product that gets mass-produced,” says Lindstrom. “I want to keep responding appropriately to whatever landscape we’re building in.  Photo 8 of 10 in 10 Vacation Homes That Bring Nature Inside from Neon and Day-Glo Meet Pine in This Rental Cabin in the Wisconsin Woods

10 Vacation Homes That Bring Nature Inside

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This pine cabin nestled in woods of white pine two hours east of Minneapolis is the perfect blend of quintessential woodland cabin and quirky, off-beat details—think a day-glo yellow handrail, color-changing neon lighting, an oversize stair. The cabin was designed and built by two friends, Danny Lindstrom and Duff Davidson, who took inspiration from classic cinema, Kanye West, James Turrell light installations, and the art scene of Marfa, Texas. It went viral on TikTok after the duo uploaded a playful tour of its less desirable features—including a "kind of pointless" deck, a queen-size bed that’s "not a king," and windows that open to "more nature—super original."