Hiromi Matsubara, CEO of Surfrider Foundation in Japan, is a free spirited yoga instructor, macrobiotic vegan chef, environmentalist, and all around amazing human being who embodies the generosity and hospitality of the Japanese people. She lives in this surf shack in the woods of Chiba, close to the beach in an incredible artist community where she hosts many a wandering traveler, showing them the best that Japan has to offer.  Photo 7 of 10 in 10 Superb Surf Shacks
Jeff “Yoki” Yokoyama's surf shack is in Newport Beach, California, the surf industry's hub. Yoki is ahead of his time when it comes to sustainability and fashion sense. After starting Maui and Sons in the eighties, then Modern Amusement in the nineties, he now has one of the coolest shops and clothing lines in California, aptly named  Photo 9 of 10 in 10 Superb Surf Shacks
New York native Mikey DeTemple is the face of modern East Coast longboarding. His surf films, Picaresque and Sight Sound, helped bring new energy to the sport by abandoning old conventions and pairing unique soundtracks with beautiful cinematography and timeless surfing. Splitting time between Brooklyn and Montauk, Mikey’s blazed a path for the newly in-vogue city-surfer lifestyle.  Photo 8 of 10 in 10 Superb Surf Shacks
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