An Old Amsterdam School Is Converted Into 10 Apartments

An Old Amsterdam School Is Converted Into 10 Apartments

In Amsterdam’s Bellamy neighborhood, an old school is repurposed and transformed into modern, lofty apartments.

The renovation was commissioned by Ons Dorps, a collective of 10 young families who banded together to buy and redevelop the old facility after the original school had relocated. They hired Dutch firm Raar, formerly CASA Architechen, who developed a unique floor plan for the 10 apartments based on each family's particular lifestyle needs.

The brick-and-mortar school building, which was built in 1910, has two large staircases, a courtyard in the back, and three floors that are almost 16 feet high.  

Raar maximized the height and volume of the building by creating 10 two-floor maisonette apartments with full-height windows and doors that open to breezy balconies, gardens, or roof terraces. They range from 1,076 square feet to 1,615 square feet. 

Steel staircases and concrete floors pay homage to the old school’s original interior details.

Details of the original school

Details of the original school.

Raar replaced the original windows and created a new roof terrace. 

Details of the original school

In each apartment, the high ceilings allowed the architects to construct a mezzanine level with LenoTec floors, which looks down onto the kitchen and main living area. 

Each of the 10 homeowners requested different details and color schemes, so the architects customized each of the units, allowing the different personalities to shine through the designs. 

The apartments are also now energy efficient, thanks to low-temperature heating, thick insulation on the rear side of the building, and solar panels that were installed on the roof.

Project Credits:

-Architecture: Raar

-Builder: Van Schaik, Breukelen

-Structural engineer: Strackee Bouwadviesbureau


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