10 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Flowers

Though some may believe that flowers are more fit for traditional interiors or country homes, there's actually lots of modern ways to introduce them into your decor.

Take a look at these unique ideas that offer subtle ways to use flowers in your modern space.

Go Geometric

Menu Folded Vase
‘Folded vase’ is designed with the flower bouquet in mind and has been inspired by the Japanese paper-folding art, Origami. Both the matt surface of the porcelain and the way it has been folded and shaped bear resemblance to the texture and porosity of paper.

When using flowers in modern homes, subtlety is key. Rather than having a large, overwhelming bouquet resting on a mantelpiece at the entryway of your home, consider a bundle of minimal branches or a small collection of simple flowers to welcome your guests. This photo was taken at Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House in Los Angeles. 

Since glass is such a contemporary material, flowers immediately take on a streamlined and modern appeal when they're paired with it. The Stamen Glass Vase by Niche Modern is one example of a minimalist, blown-glass vessel that’s ideal for delicate flowers. Stick with freshly cut blooms for an elegant look.

Fritz Hansen Ikebana Long Vase
Used to describe the art of arranging flowers, ikebana is Japanese for “making flowers live.” Staying true to that term, Jaime Hayon designed his Ikebana Vase (2018) to honor your flowers from top to bottom, equipping it with two drilled plates for exact positioning, which will develop a beautiful...

Pressed flowers don’t have to stay in scrapbooks. Frame a selection of pressed flower compositions to create a feature wall that works well with both muted and colorful interior concepts. These particular versions were created by the children that live in this home in the Swiss Alps after they gathered and dried the flowers. 

If you have kids and don't want to risk glass breakage, then the Bosske cube, designed by Patrick Morris and made out of clear acrylic, is a great alternative to a glass vase. The planter reveals the inner workings of your live plants as they grow—roots, soil, and all.

Planters don’t have to be rectangular boxes. Today’s planters not only have striking sculptural designs, but they're also smart enough to help your plants breath and drain better, all while doubling up as works of art in or outside your home. Follow the link above to learn more about these specific planters.

Try a Pattern

Sepon Terrazzo Vase
A mainstay of mid-mod decor, terrazzo is making a comeback with its artful mix of granite, marble, and quartz.

Brass has become a popular choice for contemporary interiors and works particularly well for Scandinavian-inspired concepts. Swedish designer Monica Förster’s Brushed Brass Flower Pots for Skultana elevate the traditional terra-cotta pot with a brushed brass that has a high sheen. 

Menu Echasse Vase
Inspired by test tubes found in laboratories, the Menu Echasse Vase has the classic drop-like shape that is cradled in a minimal metal stand. Meaning stilts in French, Echasse is anchored to the floor or table with four metal legs that resemble its namesake.

Go Modular

Memphis Milano Agosto Vase
After studying architecture at Gloucester College of Art, British designer George Sowden moved to Milan in 1970, where he worked as a design consultant for Olivetti for many years.

Inspired by Amedeo Modigliani portraits, the glazed ceramic Wig Flower Vase by designer Tania da Cruz is a great addition to your dressing, dining, or side table, and a guaranteed conversation piece. 


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