Make the Most Out of Summer With These 9 Spectacular Tents

Make the Most Out of Summer With These 9 Spectacular Tents

By Jonathan Simcoe
Our curated selection of modern tents is sure to create fresh vibes for the perfect summer escape.

If you're a fan of the great outdoors but not of your conventional tent, then it might be time for an upgrade. Take a look at the design-forward options below and start planning your next getaway.

Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent

The Flite+ is an ultralight, two-person tent made to be suspended between the trees. It is an ideal size for packing into the wilderness, in the deep backcountry. It features a cross brace for extra headroom.

Sleeping suspended between trees is a sublime way to take in outdoor vistas in the summer.

MSR Carbon Reflex 2

This two-person backpacking tent is designed for adventurers who like to travel ultralight but want more protection than a tarp can offer.

Heimplanet Wedge Tent

The Wedge is an inflatable two-person tent from Heimplanet. During the design process, the creators focused on intuitive handling, quick and easy set-up, and the best possible wind stability.

For those who would forgo indoor plumbing more readily than modern design, Hamburg-based Heimplanet make striking, functional camping and travel equipment. Their geodesic Wedge tent is easy to handle and inflate, and even easier on the eyes.

Heimplanet Mavericks Tent

Another pick from Heimplanet, the inflatable Mavericks tent is easy enough for one traveler to assemble while offering space for 10. Built to withstand winds up to 180 kilometers per hour, it's the perfect base camp for extreme adventure.

Sierra Designs Nightwatch 2

The Nightwatch 2 is a minimal, lightweight tent that features a retractable rain fly to enable unhindered summer stargazing.

Cotopaxi Inti 2

The Inti 2 is an ultra-versatile shelter that’s adaptable to many situations. It combines a two-person, standalone tent, a rainfly, and a snap-in "alcove" that effectively doubles the sleeping and storage space as needed.

NEMO Galaxi 3P

A durable three-person tent features an unhindered view of the starry summer sky.

Eureka Suite Dream 2P Tent

Providing plenty of elbow room and headspace thanks to a triangular extension, this spacious tent also boasts a gear loft for extra storage overhead.

Poler Orange 2-Man Tent

With two doors and a vestibule, this tent offers ample room during an adventure and can even squeeze in three people in a pinch.

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Helle Company Folding Knife
A lifetime companion for outdoor adventures, this all-purpose folding knife is the first ever produced by Helle. Its triple-laminated stainless steel blade retains sharpness and prevents rust, while a beautiful, curly birch handle features integrated steel liners.

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