Manitoba Hydro Place (Winnipeg, Manitoba: 2009)

How refreshing is it to see a power company be so respectful of power? Manitoba Hydro didn’t merely create a new headquarters when it unveiled this towering 23-story building, it created a case study in intelligent high-rise construction. A center chimney between three six-story atria cools, warms, and recycles air before its distributed to the rest of the structure, part of an almost organic system that utilizes geothermal systems to provide energy for 100% of the cooling and 75% of the heating. Along with a system of radiant slabs embedded in the concrete and automated lighting systems, the LEED Platinum-certified design by KPMB Architects showcases the power of passive energy. 

Photo by Maris Mezulis  Photo 5 of 10 in 10 Green Commercial Buildings