When one thinks of a chandelier, often an elaborate, shimmery fixture comes to mind. With its Industrial Chandelier, Workstead pares this idea down to capture the function of a chandelier—an overhead lighting fixture—with the simplicity of clean lines and a flexible design. The three-arm chandelier can be reconfigured into a variety of shapes, making it an adaptable piece for a many interior spaces. Structured as a horizontal fixture, the Industrial Chandelier can hang just three feet from the ceiling, or as a vertical piece, it can hang five feet for a more dramatic effect. Crafted from steel, repurposed industrial joints, and vintage Hubbell sockets, the lighting fixture has a mechanical, vintage aesthetic, while its minimalist design, exposed cords, and unshaded bulbs have an undeniably modern sensibility.  Photo 2 of 10 in 10 First Steps to Follow When Planning the Perfect Lighting For Your Home from Industrial Lighting Options We Love