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Maximize your views—and joy—at home with a well-engineered wall system.

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This article is presented by LaCantina Doors. Enhance your home's indoor/outdoor connection with their new and innovative V2 Folding Door.
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Here at Dwell, we’ve long championed a connection to the natural world as a hallmark of a well-designed space—think panoramic views, abundant natural light, and barely-there doors that blur the line between outdoors and indoors. 

"Open-concept living improves the way people feel in their home," says Tim Kelting, senior director, PLM, and general manager at LaCantina Doors, a manufacturer of large-format door systems. "By opening living spaces, you allow natural light and fresh air to flow through the home, and increase the feeling of openness and overall comfort in your home." 

With LaCantina’s all-new V2 Folding Door, all it takes is a little push to embrace open-concept living and the healthier, happier lifestyle that comes with it. 

LaCantina’s new V2 Folding Door deepens your home’s connection to the outdoors with ultra-thin frames, larger glass panels, and concealed hardware.  

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

The V2 Folding Door is available in an all aluminum finish or aluminum with real wood interior finish to match your home’s style.

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

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In comparison to sliding doors—specifically multi-slide doors—a folding door system, like LaCantina’s V2, stacks to the exterior, allowing residents to soak in their surroundings without optical distractions like fixed panels. "Folding doors allow you to open space like no other product can," explains Kelting. "They create much larger openings than a traditional French or swing patio door." 

By creating larger, unobstructed openings, folding doors help create a stronger connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

The V2 Folding Door’s ultra-thin, 2 1/8" stiles and rails enhance living spaces by maximizing natural light and improving views to the exterior. 

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

The V2 Folding Door is unlike any other folding door on the market with panel sizes up to four feet wide and 12 feet tall, minimizing frames and maximizing light. The ultra-thin stile width puts the view to the outside front and center, while concealed handles and hidden hinges create a sleek contemporary look.

When you’re ready to enjoy the outdoors, V2 opens with a simple, one-handed lift and gentle slide. When it’s time to close up shop, the locks engage automatically, thanks to a magnetic system, creating an intuitive operating experience. The multi-point locking system provides added security.  

Concealed handles create a clean, sleek aesthetic. The hollow cavity of the panel hides the hinges, too.

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

Get more glass and less frame with V2.  

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

With thermal breaks in the aluminum core, V2 is suitable for a variety of climates. Its advanced seal system provides enhanced weather protection from all that the outdoors brings with it. Available screen systems are specifically designed to complement the large-format doors, providing greater protection from debris and insects while offering a comfortable indoor/outdoor experience.

"Large door systems are an important design element for every home in any setting, whether large or small, modern or traditional, urban or rural," says Kelting. "Everyone can benefit from the lifestyle enhancements large glass door systems offer." 

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