Le Corbusier: The Most Stylish Architect in History

Genius, pioneer, visionary, tyrant. All fairly describe the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. But should we add style maven to the list?

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His eyewear has pretty much defined the profession of architecture, and if you've walked the streets of any style capital lately you've probably also seen your fair share of peaked-lapel jackets, bow ties, and high fade haircuts. Here's the visual argument for calling Corbu the steeziest gent to ever lift a T-square.

It all starts with the specs. Thick, round, black, and as demonstrated here, equally dapper whether worn on the face or forehead.

Architects weren't the only professionals to favor bow ties—surgeons, printers, and anyone else who didn't need a necktie flapping around as he worked wore them. But Corbu's bow gives his peak lapels and pocket square a bit of elan you rarely found on country doctors.

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And while your accessorizing, I mean, try a roadster.

Roll 'em if you got 'em. Corbu shows that even when working hard you can still look effortless.

Not easy to make a fellow genius look like a schlub, but double-breasted beats sweatshirt any day.

Casual duds here, and perfect proof that one bold accessory (can't get over those glasses) elevates a pretty basic look.

We should all look so good in the raw. Extra points for that curvilinear scar. Guy was modern through and through.



Le Corbusier