Cindy Sherman Oops Phone Float

A bizarre, slightly menacing face dominates a wholly inoffensive object, a pool float designed to look like a phone. Oops Phone Float is the work of one of the greatest photographers of our time, Cindy Sherman, absolute master of the surreal, conceptual, pop-art self-portrait before the smartphone and the selfie could have even been dreamed of. Thanks to Third Drawer Down – the witty, smart and ethical brand that has been working with the world's leading artists for 15 years and for whom YOOX is one of the few global online retailers – this viral image from @CindySherman, the artist's Instagram page, is printed on a banal blow-up mattress. In perfect synergy between artist, brand and design non-profit, this fun item is ready to float in another superb project: +POOL, a huge inflatable swimming pool that will be moored in New York's Hudson River.

Photo courtesy of Yoox

Sponsored by Yoox