Participating in Dry January? End the Month Strong With Our Favorite Booze-Free Beverages

By Samantha Daly / Published by Dwell

Take Dry January beyond the 31st with these non-alcoholic sips.

After a hectic holiday season—preceded by an incredibly stressful year—many adults are participating in Dry January for a mental and physical health reset. These alcohol-free aperitifs, CBD-infused drinks, and other fun-but-booze-free concoctions are the perfect addition to your bar cart all year round.

Non-Alchoholic Spirits

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

A new way to cocktail. From a kitchen in the woods of England, with a copper still and a centuries-old manual entitled The Art of Distillation, Ben Branson is concocting the most exciting elixirs we’ve tasted in recent memory. With a new non-alcoholic option for drinkers in mind, Seedlip has created three non-alcoholic spirits perfect for entertaining at home—with just the addition of tonic (they’re not meant to be enjoyed straight up).


Amass Riverine Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Riverine is a refined non-alcoholic spirit that encapsulates the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rainforest. Distilled with a regional blend of botanicals, it takes its cues from culinary practice for a distinct finish. Coniferous notes from Juniper are brightened by Sumac, Sorrel, Lemon Peel, and Apple, while Thyme, Mint, and Parsley lend a rich herbal earthiness. Each botanical is individually distilled in a proprietary hydrosteam distillation process to extract essential oils for a crisp and evergreen flavor profile reminiscent of the towering firs and coastal mountains of British Columbia.


Monday Zero Alcohol Gin

Gin, but hold the alcohol. Swap this blend in anytime your cocktail calls for gin, and you’ll get the kick of a classic London Dry, without the alcohol. It gets its aromatic flavor from a family-owned distillery in Southern California, where it was crafted in small batches from juniper, spices, and natural botanicals. Plus, it just so happens to be vegan and gluten-free, no sugar in sight. (It’ll even come with a few recipes to get you mixing.) And we haven’t gotten to how dazzling that bottle will look on the bar cart...


Non-Alcoholic Aperitifs and Cocktails


Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif packed with only pure, natural extracts. Potent plants. Heady herbals. Blithe botanicals. Everything inside our bottle was picked because of its completely natural ability to soothe and to stimulate. Each glass promises to kick up the energy and calm down the mind.


Proteau Zero-Proof Botanical Drinks, Set of 2

Grab a glass. Zero-Proof Botanical Drinks? Yep, you read that right. These botanical blends come courtesy of mixologist John deBary, who drew inspiration from New York’s culinary diversity when creating them. They can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle, of course—we recommend chilling them first then pairing with dinner or snacks, since they’re made to go with great food. But feel free to stir ‘em into your favorite cocktails too.


Lyre's Aperitif Rosso

This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of an aromatic vermouth Rosso with flavors that are distinct and contemporary. Lyre's spirits don't just mimic, they have their own distinction as a premium, non-alcoholic beverage.


Curious Elixir No. 1 Booze-Free Cocktails

Curious Elixir No. 1 is our booze-free ode to our favorite classic stirred cocktail, the Negroni. We’ve heard everything from “it tastes kinda like a Negroni” to “herbal, bitter, perfect” to “it makes my mouth dance.” We like to describe it as complex, smooth, dry, bitter. This non-alcoholic cocktail uses our unique superfood and adaptogen blend to help you unwind, including gentian and rhodiola.


Hemp- and CBD-Infused Drinks


Aplós is a hemp-infused, non-alcoholic spirit that calms and uplifts, without the negative effects of alcohol. Think of Aplós as an alternative to your preferred liquor. Formulated in collaboration with James Beard honoree and master mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, our debut flavor is citrus-led, bold and nuanced, with notes of ginger and rosemary. We use exceptional ingredients formulated to enhance the immediate pleasure of taste, and the slow pleasures of the mind that follow.


Recess The Sampler

We made the sampler so you don’t have to make the world’s toughest decision. there are two ways to experience it: try all six flavors or just the new three (hit the ‘new only’ button up top). Don’t worry, peach ginger won’t take it personally (yes she will).


Vybes Variety Sampler

Reduce inflammation and calm the mind with this variety pack from Vybes. Infused with CBD isolate and refreshing flavors, this pack includes 2 of each of the following beverages: Honey Crisp Apple Basil , Strawberry Lavender, Peach Ginger, Ginger Lemonade, Blueberry Mint, and Blackberry Hibiscus.


Sweet Reason Variety Sampler

Unwind with a flavor for every occasion. With 10mg of CBD in every bottle, this pack includes: 3 bottles of Grapefruit, 3 bottles of Cucumber + Mint, 3 bottles of Strawberry + Lavender, and 3 bottles of Lemon + Rhubarb.


More Festive Non-Alcoholic Sips

Acid League Wine Proxies

All the complexity of great wine, none of the alcohol. Each month, you'll receive three new Wine Proxies—layered blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters, and more designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your finest stemware.


Kin Euphorics High Rhode

Put the soul back in social - even with 6ft of separation. High Rhode is an herbaceous euphoric with a tart, floral finish that is meant to be mixed to please your palette. Sip for a fresh take on fun.


Olipop Variety Pack

Our Variety Pack gives you, and your tastebuds, a chance to experience each of our six flavors. Inside you’ll find the following assortment: 2x Orange Squeeze 2x Strawberry Vanilla 2x Classic Root Beer 2x Cherry Vanilla2 x Ginger Lemon 2x Vintage Cola


Sparkling Botanicals Sampler Pack

Choose your favorite with our sampler! Sparkling Botanicals elevates sparkling water with rare and exotic ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. Light, refreshing and formulated for flavor and function. The Sparkling Botanicals Sampler Pack contains 2 cans of each flavor: Grapefruit Quince, Schisandra Berry, Black Lemon, Turmeric Saffron, Patagonia Maqui and Dandelion Ginger.


Sunwink Variety Pack

De-stress, digest, defend and recover with all the flavors of Sunwink. This 12-pack includes three bottles each of our best-sellers Lemon-Rose Uplift and Detox Ginger, and two each of our other classic flavors Hibiscus Mint Unwind, Immunity Berry, and Turmeric Recover. 2% of all sales go back to organizations chosen by the people who inspired the flavors.


TÖST Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage (12-Pack)

More buzz, less booze. Say cheers to a new sparkling beverage with all of the excitement of champagne and none of the booze. TÖST is an elegant, dry blend of white tea, white cranberry and ginger, designed with chefs to pair beautifully with meals. It’s perfect for guests who aren’t drinking alcohol but still want to join in on the festivities and toasts. And if you still want a little kick in your drink, Töst makes a great mixer, too.


Minna Variety Pack

Lightly brewed organic teas blended with vibrant pineapple, aromatic passionfruit, juicy mango, ruby-red hibiscus and bubbles. Each Variety Pack comes with 4 cans of Sparkling Tropical Green Iced Tea, 4 cans of Sparkling Citrus Black Iced Tea and 4 Cans of Sparkling Hibiscus Lime Rooibos Iced Tea.


... Or Make Your Own Bubblies

Sodastream Fizzi Starter Pack

With Fizzi's compact, cordless design you can enjoy fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button – anywhere!


Aarke Carbonator III

Bring on the bubbles. Who knew an at-home carbonator could be such a head-turner? This countertop hero sports an ultra-slim and compact design, plus a sleek finish that’ll dazzle wherever you set it. When you wanna add a little fizz to your water, just fill the bottle to the line, screw it into place, and pull the lever down to get things bubbling. Add a splash of flavor if you please, then say hello to sparkling goodness (with less waste, to boot!).


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