10 Modern Vacation Homes in Mexico That Guarantee an Epic Escape

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo / Published by Dwell

Any excuse is a good excuse for a vacation getaway to Mexico.

While some of these stunning contemporary retreats are privately owned—some of them can also be rented for a memorable—and architecturally rich—holiday in the sun.

Lakeside Retreat in Valle de Bravo

This house has what some architects would call an upside-down plan, with living spaces upstairs and bedrooms below. The upper story is strikingly transparent while the the lower is camouflaged by thick, foliage-covered walls, which keep the sleeping areas cool.

Photo: Paco Perez / Alluro

Casa Meztitla

It would almost be possible to overlook this camouflaged natural stone structure—were it not for the massive tempered glass doors that expose the interior and blur the boundary between inside and out. Located at the foot of the sacred El Tepozteco Mountain in rural Mexico, the Mexican architecture group EDAA succeeded in seamlessly blending this vacation getaway into to the landscape formed by native Tepoztecos over 500 years ago. 

Casa Meztitla pays homage to the origins of its site through the lens of modern design. 

Courtesy of EDAA and Gessato

Tepoztlán Bungalow

Perched on the edge of a slope in Tepoztlán—south of Mexico City—this holiday home is the first in a proposed series of unique, low-impact residences designed by Barcelona- and Mexico City-based firm Cadaval & Solà-Morales. The house is designed with an unusual structural shape—a narrow gap separates the front half of the house into two distinct parts and creates a division between living and sleeping areas.

Constructed of steel, glass, and concrete, the exterior is clad in a dramatic black shade with a floor-to-ceiling glass facade—offering views of the valley below from the outdoor lounge area and pool. 

Courtesy of Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Casa Sisal 

This stunning home designed by Yucatan-based architect Salvador Reyes Rios (also shown in the top image), was the first place winner of the Cemex Award for residential and international architectural excellence. Located in the small village of Sac Chich in Merida, the home is situated on over two acres of what was once ancient sisal fields. Still surrounded by the original 10-foot masonry walls of a historic neighboring Hacienda—the fields have been turned into a massive lawn area lined with royal palms.

The sleek architectural lines of this contemporary getaway are dramatically set off by the great lawn and jungle that surrounds it.

Photo courtesy of Marcelo Troché and Pim Schalkwijk

Casa Tiny

Appropriately named "Casa Tiny," this one-bedroom vacation house in Mexico is located on the Oaxaca Coast near Casa Wabi, and acts as an artists’ retreat that was founded by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. Inspired by Walden—Henry David Thoreau’s classic about living a simple life in a natural environment—this peaceful, tiny home is the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway in the middle of nature. 

The minimalist structure is made of concrete and features wooden accents, which add rustic warmth to the interior. 

Photo Courtesy of Gessato

Cocoyoc House

By pooling their resources and giving their architect complete creative control, two busy Mexico City–based brothers built this high-design vacation home in Cocoyoc—just 60 miles south of Mexico City—for only $70 per square foot.

Architect Joaquin Castillo blends inexpensive materials and a refined modernist sensibility to create an affordable weekend house for brothers Alfredo and Guillermo Oropeza. The facade is a juxtaposition of rough-hewn local stone, smooth concrete, glass, and steel, which is the same material palette used throughout the structure.

Photo: Mauricio Alejo

An A-frame in Lake Avándaro

This triangular retreat overlooking Lake Avándaro outside Mexico City was designed by Architecture studio Método to be shared by two families. The steeply pitched, 40-foot-high A-frame roof is not uncommon to the region—in fact, it was required by the local building code. 

The home’s natural attraction is its peak, which contains two equally sized, back-to-back bedrooms. 

Photo by Tatiana Mestre

Casa Zen

This restored home located in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende was rescued from ruin and reimagined into a stunning contemporary vacation retreat. 

The 200-year-old hacienda features a Yucca tree, which divides the living space, dining area, and a rooftop terrace that features gorgeous views of the surrounding gardens and mountains. 

Courtesy of Casa Zen

Los Cabos Modern

Perched on a hill overlooking the Sea of Cortez, this vacation home rental in Los Cabos, Baja is a light-filled retreat that's comprised of whitewashed angles and sits in abstract harmony with the rugged terrain above the town. Walking distance to a surfing beach—and only a short drive to swimming beaches—this home sleeps up to four and rents for $400 per night. 

Comprised of stark whitewashed angles and box forms, the interconnected interior is focused around the pool and open walls in order to allow for seamless indoor/outdoor living. 

Courtesy of Boutique Homes

Eco-Friendly Getaway

Tepoztlán is a nearby retreat for residents of Mexico City, so when a Mexico City-based real estate broker was looking to build a getaway in the area, she called upon Mexico City–based architects Ambrosi | Etchegaray to create a residence that could transition from a vacation home to a place to retire in the future. To create the space, the architects looked to the local temperate climate and rugged landscape, creating a 3,800-square-foot structure that extends out into the environment like an open-air pavilion.

Thanks to the temperate climate, living and dining areas are able to be open to the surrounding nature.

Photo by Rafael Gamo

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