We are first and foremost a small, passionate and approachable group of architects. In 1985 our firm was founded by John Vetter and Kelly Denk, based upon a belief in thoughtful design, a comprehensive approach and a determination to deliver great architecture and improve lives.

Initially we worked almost exclusively on designing, constructing and managing custom single family homes for many outstanding clients. In 1999 we won a competition to develop a neglected urban parcel adjacent to the Milwaukee River. Through hard work and determination this project grew to become the nationally recognized Beerline Neighborhood and was the spark that ignited our passion for real estate development.

Moving forward we believe that our architecture separates us from the competition and our development is a tremendous opportunity to reach a broader audience. We will continue to embrace the challenges presented by every project, no matter the size - in order to deliver great architecture that improves lives.

Four Walls and a Screw-Top
What does a $9.99 bottle of screw-top wine have to do with a prefab house? Vetter Denk made the connections in an innovative...