What do Til Schweiger, Javier Bardem, Cate Blanchett, Clint Eastwood, and Matthias Schweighöfer have in common? They were all photographed by Uwe Ditz. So it’s no surprise that international celebrities along with high-class media like Elle, Die Zeit, and Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin and top companies like Puma, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Time Warner, and Aventis Sanofi all enjoy working with him. Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1963, Uwe Ditz is an aesthete with the courage to experiment and an inclination toward perfectionism. This polarity of risk-taking and constant self-improvement has made him an internationally demanded and distinguished photographer. From shooting timeless classics to taking the ideas of his clients seriously, refining them, and deriving innovative solutions, Uwe’s photographs are characterized by high individuality, humor, and shrewd scurrility. Works by Uwe Ditz can be found at the collection of the Sony Museum in Tokyo, the Quontic Bank in New York, and in numerous private collections. If not searching for the ultimate location somewhere far away for his next project, Uwe Ditz lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.