Transpace designs flat packed prefabricated portable buildings through the systematic application of lite steel beam, panels and adjustable legs and can be set up in a day by 2-4 people with a basic toolkit. No tradespeople are needed on site. The patented Building Construction System brings together a unique combination of flat packed design, modular design, cyclone rated design, ease of assembly using Australian Standard design and materials. What is the need/pain point/want/problem you are solving with your idea? The current Transpace market of which I have sold 8 are Office Retreats that fill the market demand of people working from Home and want an office to reduce their carbon footprint while being able to claim a separate office as a work expense. How are you solving it? Most portable buildings are using materials that are not used in permanent building giving them a portable feel when you step foot into them. They are delivered fully assembled on a truck and craned onto site and therefore are constrained by truck dimensions. The competitive advantage of Transpace is the innovative steel frame where all components can be carried through a standard doorway which is ideal for clients who do not have road or crane access to their property, whether that be because they have low hanging power lines or a forest without a clearing for a road.