I was exposed early in life to the world of design. My father built custom homes and my mother assisted with the floor plans and interior decorating. I was fortunate to have had great mentors who supported my creativity. At age 9 I won a prize in a community art competition for a drawing. At age 12 I began rearranging the furnishings, accessories and art work in the homes for those I babysat. They liked what I did. As I entered the adult world, I was a account representative for numerous high end fashion houses such as Chanel and Christian Dior. Twenty years of retail lead me into becoming a corporate event theme designer for an event production company. Gardening has always been a passion of mine so I took a break from the corporate life and worked at a wholesale nursery where I learned to design plantings and urban landscapes for multiple apartment complexes, city centers and hotels.
I've worn many hats as they say, yet, all of what I've mentioned here, along with many not mentioned, each relates to the world of design which is;

Figuring out what's being asked, figuring out how it can be done and then… creating it.
I look forward to assisting you with your plans and striving to creating your visions with, and for you.