Design studio Tas-ka is a young company by Jantien Baas en Hester Worst.After graduation from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, they started their own company in 2004 called Tas-ka.

The Tas-ka collection is based on the theme “house”. For the collection we designed our own fabrics with two different patterns.

The two patterns are screen-printed on fabric made of 100 % cotton in four colors, brown, blue, yellow and pink.

The fabrics are used for the whole collection of Tas-ka. The collection consists of kid’s goods, living-, and fashion accessories. The shape of our products is also inspired by the theme houses, such as our breadboards, playhouses and felt brooches.

All the Tas-ka products and fabrics are made and produced in The Netherlands.

Tas-ka only uses natural materials such as leather, cotton, wool felt, wood and paper.

In August 2008 Tas-ka opened a new webshop “ Collectedbytas-ka”.

Collected by Tas-ka is a collection products from all over the world. In the webshop we will sell our own Tas-ka collection and also products from other designers. We have a wonderful selection special books and magazines. To give the webshop a personal character we will sell old ceramics, vintage furniture and beautiful illustrations. Everything we think is beautiful and special and we would like to share with you, we will collect in our webshop. So you have an experience of being in a candy shop.We also write every week about things that inspiring us at our weblog.

C.V. Tas-ka

2010 | The Designhuis in Eindhoven organised from 22th of Dec. 2009 till 28th of Feb. 2010 the "Design Bazaar". Design Bazaar is a overview of the best Dutch Design. Tas-ka is curated by "Kamer 465" for some products, they're presented in the textile room.

2009 | Participation in Kerst & Carry in Corrosia! Almere Haven.

2009| During the Dutch Design Week Tas-ka took part at the expostion "Teatime". You had to use the mal of a teacup as the starting point for your design. Tas-ka designed a hanging lamp, made of paper teacups

2009 | Presentation of our new collection at the woonbeurs RAI Amsterdam. During a time of 10 days Tas-ka presented and sold their new collection in a big stand at the Dutch Design part.

2009 | The new collection! We designed three new prints based on our textile prints City and House, this time pressed on paper. With this paper we made different products, like a stationary set, notebooks, wrappingpaper/ posters and trays. Look at "collection".

2009 | Participation in Inside Design, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam.

2009 |Tas-ka went to Tokyo, to see the conceptstore Desperado, where they set up a whole display window with the products of Tas-ka . Ever since the 15th of april 2009 Tas-ka's selling her collection with the houses in Desperado.

2009 | In the book: "Play All Day" Design for children, you can find some children's products of Tas-ka. ISBN 9783899552362

2009 | We designed a pattern for "het groene voetstappen plan', this is an initiative to get children going to walk or going by bike to their school.

2008 | Design of four patterns for Dutch magazine 101 woonideeen , they use the patterns for Chinese Lanterns and wrapping paper. 101 woonideeen, no. 2 2009.

2008 | From 30th of September till the 5th of October Tas-ka owned a stand at the fair woonbeurs at RAI in Amsterdam. In hal 8 at the Dutch Design depart. To make some promotion for the webshop

2008 | August. Tas-ka created a new webshop This webshop is a collection of different beautiful products.

2008 | From the 8 of june till the 7th of septembre Tas-ka enjoined the exposition Bloemsierkunst, (it's all about flowers). Galerie help u zelven in Winterswijk.

2008 | The first of June Tas-ka moved to a much bigger and more beautiful garret space. Our adress is still Nieuwe Molstraat 14, The hague.

2008 | In march and may Tas-ka did an exposition at the Keukenhof, the theme this year was China.

2008 | Tas-ka presented her new collection. We designed and screenprinted two fabrics in 4 colours, with the theme house. With those fabrics we made a lot of different products. So our new collection is totally ourselves.

2008 | On January 13th and 14th Tas-ka shows their new collection on the childrensfair “Kleine Fabriek”. Together with Dorst Ontwerp they shared a stand. See our weblog for photo's.

2007 | For Buitenhuis Tas-ka designs seven birdshades, one is over a meter high.

2007 | In june Tas-ka starts a weblog which is updated every week. It gives a nice insight on what Hester en Jantien find interesting.

2007 | For Dutch magazine VT Wonen Tas-ka makes 100 corsages as a gift for their business relations. >>

2007 | Magazine De Margriet asks Tas-ka to decorate an ostrich-egg for charity. Tord Boontje, Ruud de Wild and Blond Amsterdam also decorate an egg. >>

2007 | In January the Tas-ka webshop opens!

2007 | Tas-ka is interviewed by Marjolijn van Duijn fot the Dutch magazine Textiel Plus.

2007 | Tas-ka donates 35 soft ducks for an orphanage in Sierra Leone. In collaboration with Weesdefoto >>

2006 | Grand opening of the atelier Ontwerpburo Tas-ka on the Nieuwe Molstraat 14.

2006 | Project 'Vaatwerk' for magazine Feeling.

2006 | Together with studio Andersom on the Sfeer fair in Gent.

2005 | Tas-ka designs a present for new subscribers of the Dutch magazineTextiel Plus.

2005 | Tas-ka is asked to design tree new calenders for the NEWME collection from SRT International.

2005 | 70 Unique calenders where handmade for SRT International The Artist Collection .

2005 | Exhibition with "Aap in de garenwinkel" at gallery Intermezzo Dordrecht.

2004 | Exhibition with "Aap in de garenwinkel" at Loods 6 Amsterdam.

2004 | Together with Dorst Ontwerp and Charlotte de With Tas-ka started the collective "Aap in de garenwinkel"

2004 | Participation in auction and exhibit "Breekbaar" Intermezzo Dordrecht.

2004 | Exhibit "Bijzonder en draagbaar" Intermezzo Dordrecht.

2004 | Jantien Baas en Hester Worst started Ontwerpburo Tas-ka.