Since inventing the nonstick frying pan in the 1950's, T-fal has introduced a wide range of cookware collections, culminating in nonstick coatings designed for use with metal utensils and the invention of Thermo-Spot™ -the first major advance in nonstick since its invention. In the small appliance category, T-fal has introduced a host of innovative household electrics distinguished by their unique engineering and striking designs, among them deep fryers, toasters, irons, and indoor grills, and most recently electric kettles, blenders, food processors and rice cookers. "I love my T-fal," is a recurring theme among consumers, many of whom were original buyers of the first T-fal nonstick pans introduced in the US in 1960's. Nurturing and sustaining that connection with the consumer is a key objective for T-fal, which prides itself on consumer loyalty and satisfaction.