“My design is characterized by a mixture of mass-market and couture,” explains industrial designer Jan Habraken. Born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 1975, Habraken studied architectural engineering before attending the world-renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. Immediately following graduation he co-founded WATdesign. After five years of making and exhibiting products and furniture internationally, the designer moved to New York City, where he established Studio Jan Habraken in 2008.Habraken's wide-ranging experience in architecture, interior, furniture, retail and product design makes him a generalist in the best sense of the word. Using creativity instead of category as his starting point, he generates fresh ideas precisely by crossing disciplines, applying knowledge gained in each field to the others.Studio Jan Habraken puts functionality and manufacturability before style, adding functionality and thought-provoking narratives to his objects while refining each to a pared-down poeticism. The studio also strives to make products available to the largest number of people, designing pieces that will last a lifetime, in order to achieve sustainability in its purest form. The result is a collection of smart, enduring designs with clean lines and a pure geometry that can be found in magazines, newspapers and museums worldwide, but are best viewed in more intimate environments.