“The àplat line elevates reusable storage bags to an art form…”
Remodelista / Gardenista May 2015

Founder of Aplat Inc. Culinary Totes, Shujan Bertrand is an industrial designer who finds inspiration for her designs in different cultures, including her Korean-American family, her husband’s French heritage and her time spent in Provence, and the distinct culture of the San Francisco Bay Area—including a clear dedication to sustainability. In 2014, Bertrand founded àplat, a company that produces eco-friendly totes for a variety of purposes, including sharing a meal, giving flowers, and delivering a bottle of wine.

"àplat encourages a culture of meaningful exchanges between friends"

"in essence, it's bigger than a tote, it will carry great stories of unique moments of togetherness." 

"designed for the modern foodie individual in mind to use any day of the week"

"built for quality and durability, so each tote is a trusty one." 

"utilitarian in spirit, artful in design - a blue collar worker that fell in love with an artist" 

"we see a future where an àplat will be found on a bike, in a car, at the farmers market, on a stroller... with flowers in it, or wine, or an heirloom soup. The possibilities are vast and what we'll know for sure, is that people will rediscover the wealth in sharing and exchanging."

Aplat Culinary Totes
San Francisco-based Shujan Bertrand draws design inspiration from many quarters and cultures—from her Korean-American extended...