Born and raised in New Mexico, the land of enchantment, I have spent most of my life absorbing the uniqueness of the desert and its breathtaking blue skies. Wrapped up in the landscape I found a continuous source of inspiration for my design. This inspiration began to surface in different forms after living elsewhere in the west: Oregon for design school, Colorado in the years following college, and where I now reside in Corona del Mar, California. The landscapes, the people, the different cultures have all been influential elements to my design process. Each locale has lent its unique geographic fingerprint to my work.

Through my travels, my work, and my play, one enduring theme flows -- beauty is in the small details and simplicity is always best. I find it everywhere: when photographing, running, traveling, spending time with my friends and family. My creative process stems from my extensive collection of what I refer to as “specimens”, or creative treasures -- found objects, patterns, maps, vintage wallpaper, typography, antique books, flea market finds, hand-written postcards...the list goes on.

Pica Press is the culmination of these influences leading to unique, graphic design products including custom stationery, invitations, business branding, photography and more.