Simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship have all been at the centre of Pastoe's philosophy for more than ninety years now. Since we were founded in 1913, we have been making progressive contemporary furniture that pays due attention to tradition and craftsmanship. And that applies as much to our cabinet systems and seating as to our tables.

Pastoe invests in innovation and design to bring you surprisingly contemporary furniture that remains so. Durable aesthetics and a high standard of quality are concepts on which a lot of time is spent at Pastoe; by our furniture makers -with great care and knowledge-, and by our designers -with much passion and dedication.

This is the source of our designs' strength. Well-thought out and surprisingly simple furniture. Comfortable and easy on the eye, never intrusive and even remarkably familiar. Pure and fair, as if they've been around for years. Because a product needs to be more than its outward appearance. It needs personality; you should be able to love it, to get attached to it. The product needs to be able to age graciously.

Pastoe stands for quality which has been reflected for decades in our design policy and the way we make our furniture. Quality in which we invest afresh every day, because we see renewal as a next step in the refinement of technology, or an addition to functionality. No cosmetic interventions but, quite to the contrary, an increase in visual and material durability.

Pastoe understands as no other how valuable history is for the future. Our past is both a source of inspiration and of commitment. That is the task Pastoe has assigned itself. That's why we continue to invest consistently in innovation, simplicity and quality. In furniture of few words, in furniture for life. We trust that we can continue bringing you such furniture long from now.