Openshop|Studio was founded in 2000 in New York City by partners Adam Hayes and Mark Kroeckel. The studio is based on a process of research and design which operates in a fluid system of experimentation which address design problems of all sizes, shapes and types.

Within this process we carefully investigate every aspect of a project from the minute to the global so that the user, site, client, budget, function, engineering, culture, fabrication, materials, politics, construction and all elements of a project are utilized as information shape form. By activeley mining this rich diversity and specificity we are able to transform the pragmatic into novel solutions.

Our investigation and discovery is applied to every facet, from the general concepts down to the details from the inception through the project's completion. OUr investment in this process means that we pursue a wide range of projects locally, nationally and internationally and have worked on projects throughout the United States, Panama, China and the Bahamas.

Hive Minded
Openshop|Studio’s design for a hivelike structure in the middle of a Brooklyn loft creates a chrysalis of comfort for a couple...