Committed to helping consumers live a comfortable and efficient lifestyle, Noritz continues to provide the finest products and services to our communities. Noritz has been developing and manufacturing gas-operated water heating products since 1951 and is the number one manufacturer in the world in tankless technology.

We utilize the Noritz Production System (NPS) Just-in-Time production line structure, which eliminates waste, shortens lead times and delivers products quickly and efficiently to consumers. Our manufacturing process allows for quality control, because we manufacture all of the tankless water heater parts and components needed for our water heater units.

With an environmentally-conscious company vision, Noritz America supports a nationwide network of employees committed to continuous research and development for cutting-edge tankless technology. From development to manufacturing, Noritz takes great pride in contributing efforts to preserve the global environment by recycling, conserving resources and curbing waste. Noritz compact tankless water heaters are designed, manufactured and installed with quality and care, ensuring your tankless investment will provide hot water on demand for years to come.