Nathalie (Davids) Dadian is a French visual artist currently residing in Australia.

A Former Marketing and Communications Expert, she was propelled to follow her passion to become a full time artist in mid 2009 by launching her art in France for a period of 12 months.

Nathalie’s individual style is influenced by her French background and inspired by Geometry, Symmetry and Orientalism. This means her artwork is translated into a very contemporary feel, alongside an air of history and eastern mysticism. Nathalie's work can be distinguished by her use of a 100 year old technique that can be seen throughout all her artwork.

Nathalie creates her art with a Difference. Light and Color are an illuminating focal point in her work, with a striking immediate effect of an exuberance, luxury and uniqueness. Nathalie's artwork has captured the attention of celebrities, resides in luxury places and yachts around the world. Nathalie is known to be driven, passionate with her feet on the ground and her head in the stars! Her vision as an artist is that It always seems impossible until it's done!

Nathalie's artwork has been in the following arenas:

-Exhibitions in Melbourne, Monaco, Beausoleil, New York, Dubai

-Artwork Hand Presented to Prince Albert II of Monaco

-Appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show & Created an Ellen Degeneres Australian Tribute Book that encapsulates over 18,000 messages from fans with Blossomgers artwork engraved into the leather bound book .

-Artwork given as an offering to the 14th Dalai Lama during his recent visit to Australia

Artwork presented to Hollywood Royalty Actress Susan Sarandon

-Approached by Anne Coco Pearlman to present her artwork to Versace

-Appeared in High profile magazines and newspapers in France

-2013 Crown Towers Exhibition at Shane Warnes' luxurious Club 23 Venue

-Received the status of World Famous Artist in 2014

Nathalie offers a unique commissioned artwork service with a Difference. Meetings can be held across the world via skype. For more information, please click here to contact the Blossomger Team

Nathalie also facilitates various creative and unique projects with a strong focus on empowering the community through art.

Words from Nathalie:

Each painting depicts a story, a moment in time captured in colour and transcended into a painting with a difference. My artwork embodies and reflects the stage of life I am at, be it to create, heal, uplift or inspire. I hope to share my artwork with the world to make a difference to millions around the globe. I believe these paintings become a part of your life and I look forward to Blossomger Art becoming a part of your life too. Inspire..Create..Shine.